How To Clean Matte Finish kitchen Cupboards The Right Way

When it comes to cleaning matte-finish kitchen cupboards, there is a need to be thoughtful concerning these things.

Asides from the fact that your kitchen cupboards serve your needs by storing your kitchen items for you means that your kitchen cupboard also demands your commitment to maintaining and keeping it clean as well.

And a well-organized matte finish kitchen cupboard will help make you a better homemaker.

Using the right set of kitchen cupboards matters; however, if you find yourself using this kind of cupboard, then you may need to learn certain methods of cleaning.

You should be able to know the kinds of materials that they use in designing these cupboards.

Is it something that will demand daily, weekly or monthly maintenance? All these things should be thoroughly checked to avoid spoilage.

The matte finish kitchen cupboards have been in vogue these days.

Most kitchen owners and homemakers have them as their kitchen cupboards may be because they are quite easy to maintain.

So if you are renovating your home or thinking of how to change your kitchen cupboards, you can simply switch to the matte finish kitchen cupboards.

How To Clean Matte Finish kitchen Cupboards

Common features of the Matte finish kitchen cupboards

The matte finish kitchen cupboards maintain a more traditional outlook which superbly blends with your kitchen and the kitchen light as well, dulling away light reflections.

With the matte finish kitchen cupboard, a notable feature that is worthy of note is that common scratches, as well as other notable flaws on the matte finish, are usually not easily noticed.

This is because they have a sleek and smooth look that will add texture that conceals stains even when they are stains on them.

So you can see that owning a matte finish kitchen cupboard is something you should invest in because it is very durable.

However, as much as the matte finish kitchen cupboard is durable and can be maintained easily, the matte finish can be quite difficult to clean.

That is why knowing the key tactics and the rudiments of cleaning this kind of kitchen cupboard is very important.


How Do You Clean The Matte Finish Kitchen Cupboards

There are different ways to clean the matte finish cupboard, and you, as a homemaker, need to know how to be quite skillful in doing this.

The scratches and stains may not show at the early stage, but all these can be quite challenging to clean if and when they show up on your matte-finish cupboard. However, what do you do?

1. Clean by using a degreaser spray

The degreaser spray is highly important if you must clean your matte finish cupboard because there are times you may be cooking, and you may need to open the cupboard to get whatever you placed in there to assist you in cooking.

In the process, the cupboard may be coated with grease and another kind of greasy debris.

You may not know, but this dirt tends to cause greasy build-up over time which may not be easy to clean off.

So get a degreaser spray, and spray it all over the surface of the matte finish cupboard. Afterward, leave it to stay for thirty minutes, then grab a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the degreaser thoroughly from the cupboard.

Voila! Your matte finish cupboard has been made clean.

2. Clean by using water and soap
Dish soap

Just in case you don’t have a degreaser, you can subscribe to using mild dish soap and warm water. it is easy to use, and the mild dish soap acts as a degreaser, breaking through the grease and cutting them through.

However, instead of using a brush, you need to use a soft cloth instead.

Put some mild dish soap into a bowl and add warm water.

Mix thoroughly, begin to soak the soft cloth in the warm soapy water, and begin to clean the matte finish kitchen cupboard.

Wipe thoroughly until you are sure that there is no more dirt left. Then get another cloth into a clean bowl of water and wipe the cupboard clean; afterward, get a dry micro-fiber cloth and dry it.

Now wring the cloth and use the cloth to clean the cupboard handles as well.

This is a very important part because if the cupboard is clean and the handles are not, then it’s only a matter of time before the cupboard gets dirty again.

3. Clean by using water and vinegar

Get your foam ready! Get a spray can and pour 90% vinegar and 10% water into it.

Shake thoroughly and then begin to spray the cupboard surface, including the handles and the doors. Spray and leave for a few minutes.

Afterward, wipe the cupboard with a soft dry cloth, wiping the handles thoroughly so that they don’t become slippery.

If you still notice that the cupboard still has stains on it, you can use these processes again.

4. Clean by using baking soda and vinegar
baking soda and vinegar

Just in case you have stubborn stains that do not easily wear out, you should consider using baking soda and vinegar.

Mix vinegar and baking soda to form a paste-like mixture, and apply it to the stained area.

However, first, test this method in the corner of the cupboard that is inconspicuous. Then if you notice that it is doing well, you can now use it on the cupboard itself.

Allow the paste mixture to sit for a few minutes, about 15 to 20 minutes, then use soft foam to wipe clean.


What do you do when your matte-finish cupboard is dull?

When you notice that your matte finish kitchen cupboard is getting dull as a result of constant use and long-term use, you can get a spray polish.

Preferably get a non-abrasive spray polish that will not leave a negative effect on the cupboard.

When you get one, don’t just spray. Search for soft tissue and wrap it around the stainless steel handles so that while you are spraying, it will not stain the white handles.

Now that the handles have been covered, you can now spray your cupboard.

Allow it to dry for a few hours, and afterward, your cupboard is ready to be touched!


How often should I clean the matte finish kitchen cupboard surfaces?

The matte finish kitchen cupboards do not require daily cleaning as you think.

Daily cleaning can damage the surface; it might cause scratches and can dull the surface finishing, which doesn’t make it look attractive anymore once this has been done.

If you must clean your cupboard’s surface, try to clean the surface once every week and thrice every month.

However, do not leave your cupboard for too long without cleaning it because this can have the worst effect on the matte finish cupboard, even more than the regular cleaning.


How often should I clean the matte finish kitchen cupboard handles and side doors?

One thing about stainless steel finishing is that, once it gets dirty, it becomes really obvious to everyone.

So as soon as you are done with your daily kitchen activities, make it a habit to check to see if there is dirt on the handles of the matte-finish cupboards.

Even if there is no dirt, you should wipe it off using a kitchen towel or any dry cloth you use for cleaning.

Leaving dirt and greasy stain on your stainless steel handle and side doors may cause a certain kind of greasy build-up that may rust the handles over time.

And this may also alter the appearance of the cupboard over time.


Can you use a scrubbing brush for your matte-finish cupboard?

When you use abrasives such as a scrubbing brush or hard brush to scrub the surface of your matte finish cupboard, you may be endangering your cupboard because this will cause scratches and permanent scratches on the surface of your cupboard.

The brush is meant to do the work of cleaning off the dirt, but it will make no sense if the same brush is also peeling off the surface of the cupboard.

Kindly avoid using a hard brush or any kind of brush at all.

Instead, use a soft cloth or soft foam to wash your cupboard.

Also, try to avoid using chemicals and abrasives such as detergent. Cleaning agents like these, tend to cause scratches and extensive damage to the surface of the matte-finish cupboards.

In conclusion, be cautious of cleaning your matte finish kitchen cupboards daily because sometimes, your specific kitchen cupboard may require weekly cleaning.

Also, you must be able to use the right cleaning techniques and products to enhance the features of your cupboard.

Also, strong skill is required in cleaning the kitchen cupboards so that you don’t scratch or even dull the surface of the cupboard while cleaning or due to over-cleaning.

Avoid using strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the matte finish kitchen cupboard. So keep the matte finish cupboard clean all the time if you want it to look attractive.