Can You Use Windex on Quartz Countertops?

Quartz is quite delicate but also very popular due to its lovely finish.

When you see quartz being used around the house, specifically for your kitchen countertops, it gives you that attractive and sophisticated feel.

Although quartz may look more like it is on the high side when it is completely on a relatively low budget.

Perhaps you may have been faced with certain choices while you want to clean your quartz countertop, to give it a squeaky clean, and then you went to the grocery store and found Windex sitting on the counter.

Now, what do you do? Maybe you are unsure if this brand of glass, hard surface cleaner, can be used on your quartz to give it a squeaky finish! This in-depth article will point out all you need to know about quartz and Windex!

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What is Windex?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Windex, it is a brand of glass cleaner that is also used for hard surfaces as well.

It is usually termed as an American brand of liquid dishwashing soap that can be used to give your glass tumblers, plates, etc., a squeaky finish.

Windex is almost everywhere! In storehouses, grocery stores, etc., it can fit almost every user in the home.

Can you use Windex on quartz

Can you use Windex To Clean the Quartz countertops?

Yes. The Windex surface spray can be used on your high-quality quartz. Even your degreasers, and some other mild cleaning agents, can be used on the quartz countertop.

This is because quartz answers to soft or mild cleaning agents rather than harsh ones.

And since the quartz material is not filled with holes-like designs, then it will be stain resistant and will therefore require the use of mild cleaners such as this.

As soon as you are done using the quartz on the surface, kindly use a paper towel or a soft cloth to wipe the countertop thoroughly.

Avoid using a hard brush to do your wiping or scrubbing because even though there may be tough stains on the countertop, they may not be too hard to clean and wipe out.

Just in case you are about to install the quartz countertop in your home, you will definitely need to know the rules attached to its use before installing or using them because proper maintenance equals longevity.

Full information equals proper maintenance. So ensure you work around this and keep your countertop equally clean and fit for daily use.

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What other surface cleaner can you use on your quartz countertop?

There are quite a number of surface cleaners that you can always use on your quartz countertop.

But always do well to read the maker’s instructions on the surface cleaner to be sure if it can be used on the quartz countertop.

The Windex and other multi-surface glass cleaners work pretty well on the quartz, massaging the stains and cleaning them all the way.


There is vinegar and warm water with the aid of a soft cloth. When you don’t have money for glass cleaners, you can simply make use of vinegar and warm water.

You can use it to wipe the surface thoroughly. Meanwhile, vinegar is another cleaning agent that is capable of giving the countertop a squeaky finish.


You can get degreaser spray. This will mostly work well when you are using it on a greasy-stained quartz surface.

Simply spray it all over the surface, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and afterward wipe it clean with the aid of a damp cloth and soft foam, and warm water.

Just in case you come across some multi-surface cleaners, you can also use them for quartz surfaces.

They are not harsh, and they can do the same job that the glass cleaner does for the quartz surface. So also liquid detergents.

When you find them or they are in your home, then you can consider using them to clean your quartz surfaces.

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Why it is important to know your cleaning products.

To keep your quartz durable with a long life span, then you must know your cleaning products. Otherwise, be prepared to have destructible quartz, which will, in the long run, be condemned

So look at the cleaning products, and check if they can tarnish, bleach, or even ruin the countertops.

Also, check the scrubbing tools. Will they treat your quartz surface gently or harshly?

When you are able to answer this, then it means that you already know the right cleaning product for the quartz surface cleaner.

Can you use Windex To Clean Quartz countertop

What other surface cleaner can you not use on your quartz surface?

Now that you already know the right surface cleaner to use for the quartz surfaces, then you should know automatically that the one that was not mentioned cannot be used on the surface.

Otherwise, you should be ready to replace your quartz countertop as a result of the damage that these harsh products must have done.

What are these products? When you come across Acetone or permanent dyes.

Kindly ignore these two cleaning agents because they work well on harder, rougher surfaces, not quartz. They will burn the resin inherent in the quartz.

Do not buy undiluted bleach or oven cleaner.

You may have been thinking that since you have an oven cleaner situated somewhere in your kitchen, you can quickly use it for your quartz surface.

Kindly disregard that. Do not use oven cleaner for your surfaces because it is not a mild cleaning agent.

If there is a hard stain evident on the quartz surface, avoid using nail polish remover. The nail polish remover is not meant for surfaces such as this.

They are some chemicals that have mixed together to remove tough stains, but they can, in a way, damage the quartz surface when it comes in contact with it.

Also, avoid using pumice stone stiff brushes and stiff sponges, anything hard and high in alkaline and acid; kindly avoid it from coming in contact with the quartz surface.

This is because quartz is too mild to fight harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners.

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Why is Windex suitable for cleaning quartz?

You cannot underestimate the power of using Windex cleaner. If you use it to clean your kitchen, the result will be evident. The glass cleaner is not acidic.

Which is one property that a cleaning agent needs to have for it to be used on certain products like quartz surfaces.

The Windex glass cleaner kills germs fast! That means it doesn’t just clean the surface, but it kills the germs as well.

It is also non-toxic. That means it is healthy and totally safe to use on your quartz kitchen countertops.

Unlike the chemicals that you will have to scrub and wash to be sure that the stains and the smell are no more. It is also not harsh to the human system.

That means when you inhale it, it is not dangerous to human health.

So if you, as the homemaker, clean with Windex, you can be sure of cleaning comfortably without perceiving any offensive, harsh odor.

It properly dissolves build-up stains such as dirt, greasy mess, and scum. This is the one thing that you can be sure of. It will clean off the mess that is evident and not evident on the countertops.

The Windex also dissolves the glue. Mild soaps like this have the tendency to cut through glue and grease if you leave it for some time after applying it to the affected area.

Meanwhile, the Windex glass cleaner doesn’t only work with glass or quartz.

It also works well with hard surfaces such as metal countertops and wooden and vinyl countertops as well.

It also works well for your toilet if you wish to use it, but preferably, it would be better if you restrict its use to quartz and other surfaces.


How do you use the Windex cleaner on your quartz surfaces?

First, dust your quartz countertop and get rid of any object that might serve as a hindrance to cleaning the countertop.

Clean the countertop well, then apply the Windex by squirting it all over the surface in small quantities.

If you are sensitive about letting the Windex come into direct contact with the quartz surface, then you can mix it with warm water to form a warm soapy mixture.

Then grab a soft sponge or soft damp cloth and use it on the countertop.

After cleaning or wiping, get another soft or microfiber cloth, preferably a dry one, and use it to wipe the quartz surface again.

Now that you are done check to see if the stains are still there or if it’s still slippery.

If these features are still present, then you can do a total rewash. If otherwise, then your quartz surface is now ready to be used.

In conclusion, the quartz surface is quite beneficial to the home.

Asides from the beautiful sight it adds to your kitchen, it also does well to resist stains which is one basic feature that every homemaker may want to acknowledge.

And since you have a stain-resistant surface, you will do well with having a mild washing soap like the Windex cleaner to go well with it.