Is The Philips Air Fryer Dishwasher Safe?

Many people love to cook, but when they leave the kitchen after cooking, it looks like a war-zone area.

The mess created while cooking takes ages to clean, especially when you fry something, stains and oil will be found scattered all over the kitchen.

To avoid this oily mess, most people switch to an air fryer- a kitchen appliance used for frying food.

This reduces the mess in the kitchen and just needs some regular maintenance to keep it clean.

Philips air fryer is one of the best air fryers you will come across, and if you already own one, that is already a great option added to your kitchen.

Is the Philips air fryer dishwasher safe? Always pop into the mind. Not to worry, you are at the right place to get the answer to your question.

is phillips air fryer dishwasher safe

Can Philips Air Fryer Go In Dishwasher

The answer is yes, but only the removable compartments.

You cannot put the whole fryer altogether in the dishwasher as it has electronic connections in it, which will be damaged the dishwasher.

The compartments, such as the basket, the tray, and the food divider, are mostly to get stained and dirty and need to be cleaned.

All these parts of the air fryer are easily removable and can be easily washed in any size of dishwasher.


How to Clean Philips Air Fryer in the Dishwasher?

The removable parts of the air fryer can be washed just like you wash your other utensils in the dishwasher.

You just have to keep in mind one thing the compartments have cooled down, and you do not throw it in the dishwasher right after using it when it is still hot.

You do not have to use any special type of detergent; the regular one which you use for other dishes can be used for cleaning it.

Make sure you do not leave it for a longer period after using it, for it may result in tough stains and solidified grease which will make it a bit tough to clean in a single wash.


Some Hand Washing Methods of Philips Air Fryer

Sometimes it happens that you forget or do not get enough time to clean your air fryer, and the grime and dirt are stuck to the air fryer compartments. You can try to clean those parts in a few-cycle of the dishwasher.

If this still does not work, then you may have to try the hand wash method to get the desired result.

You just have to simply soak the compartments in warm water and liquid soap for about 15- 20 minutes and then use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe out the dirt.

There is another method which you can try is to soak it in vinegar solution, which is considered very helpful in getting off the grease and dirt very easily.

One more simple technique to clean it is creating a paste with baking soda and water and rubbing gently on the stained surface with a soft sponge, and then rinsing it.

Then, let it dry before using it again.


Some Precautions for Cleaning The Philips Air Fryer

The cleaning of the air fryer is an important part, so you have to keep certain things in your mind before you clean it up.

Treat the compartments of the air fryer gently as you treat your non-stick cookware, as there is also a non-stick coating in your air frying compartments.

  • Do not scrap rub it with steel wool or any hard scrubber, as there is a chance that you would damage the non-stick coating leaving it improper to work. It may also cause it to scrape its coating and leave it useless.
  • After the cleaning is done, make sure that you let the compartments dry completely before it goes back into the air fryer for cooking again. Always keep in mind that an air fryer is an electronic appliance, and if you put the dripping water compartments back into it may damage the fryer or may even cause an electric shock.
  • Always try to clean the debris and grease off the compartments with a damp clean after every use. This will protect the air fryer from piling up with debris. The leftover dirt may cause smoking and alter the taste of your food and may also deteriorate the performance of the fryer. So, to avoid these problems wipe the compartments regularly, which will also help in easy washing.


Other Dishwasher safe Air Fryer

There are a lot of air fryer brands that are available, and I have gathered here information about them if they are dishwasher safe or not.

It should be noted that dishwasher safe means only the removable parts and not the whole air fryer.

  • Philips Air Fryer
  • Ninja Air Fryer
  • Faberware Air Fryer
  • NuWave Air Fryer
  • Power Air Fryer
  • Chefman Air Fryer
  • Cosori Air Fryer
  • Dash Air Fryer

These are some brands of dishwasher-safe air fryers.

If you own an air fryer with some other brand, it may probably still be dishwasher safe, but you should always refer to the manual given with the air fryer or contact the customer services of that particular brand.



Philips has tried to give the best possible air fryer to the user to make their cooking easy and healthy. The dishwasher-safe parts are an addition to their great manufacture.

Philips air fryer allows you to cook or fry your food more quickly with little or no oil at all, making your food healthier than the normal pan-frying process.

Philips has kept the requirements of the user into consideration and produced this wonderful technology to enjoy great food and save your washing time by making it dishwasher safe.

However, for the sake of the long life of your air fryer, it is preferred to hand wash it as the non-stick coating may get damaged, and you may need to buy a new one.

So, just a little bit of extra effort may save you money and increase the lifespan of your favorite air fryer.