Is The Ninja Foodi Grill Dishwasher Safe? Lets Find Out

The Ninja foodi grill is a must-have in every homemaker’s kitchen. And it can be quite daunting if you are using the foodi grill for the first time without any basic knowledge of the grill.

Especially when you don’t know what part of the Ninja foodi grill is dishwasher safe.

So if you have lost the manual of your food grill, then you can always go through this article for a piece of in-depth knowledge on if your foodi grill is dishwasher safe.

ninja foodi grill

Can You Put Ninja Foodi Parts in Dishwasher?

The exciting aspect of the foodi grill is that most parts of the Ninja foodi grill are dishwasher safe.

That means the cooking pot that stays inside the grill is dishwasher safe; the grill gate, the crisper basket, the skewers, the splatter guard, and even the cleaning brush that comes with the food are dishwasher safe.

What is a Ninja foodi?

Have you ever heard of multi-cookers? Well, the Ninja foodi is a perfect multi-cooker device.

This single device combines some major types of cooking methods in just a single device which effectively produces results.

For instance, it has the ability to slow cook and at the same time, act as an air fryer and then a pressure cooker. It allows you to cook, roast, air fry, grill, and even bake your little deserts if you wish to.

This device can also steam your vegetables and your fresh fish.

This means you don’t have to use another cooking pot to get your food cooked. Just one device would set the others in motion.

Is The Ninja Foodi Grill Dishwasher Safe

The Removable parts of the Ninja foodi.

If you are new to this, there are some parts that you need to be familiar with so that handling the Ninja foodi grill while washing or cooking will not be difficult for you.

The first part of the foodi grill from this brand is the inside cooking pot. This part is the first thing that goes inside the foodi grill. It is used to catch all the drippings while grilling your food.

This part can also be used for several purposes if you check the manufacturer’s manual.

The second part of the foodi grill is the grill gate, and this grill gate is usually inserted into the cooking pot for perfect grilling exercise. It is simple to use and quite easy to clean as well.

The crisper basket is usually used when you want to air fry. That means the grill gate is removed, while the crisper basket is inserted into the foodi grill.

The skewers and the cleaning brush. With the skewers, you can have your kebab party if you wish. But the Ninja foodi grill comes with about 5 skewers for instant grilling.

Now the cleaning brush also comes with the foodi grill, and it helps to do some little scrapping and scrubbing on the grate.

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Is the Ninja Foodi Grill Dishwasher Safe?

Now when you talk about the Ninja foodi grill, you are talking about the whole unit of the Ninja foodi, including the main unit, which houses the buttons, and the whole food navigation system.

So the main unit of the foodi grill cannot be placed into a dishwasher.

What the manufacturer meant by vetting the foodi grill as safe is that some of the removable parts of the foodi grill are dishwasher safe, but not the main unit.

If you place the main unit into the dishwasher, then be ready to damage both the foodi grill and the dishwasher itself. If you must clean the main unit, then all you need is a soft cloth and vinegar.

Wet the soft cloth with the vinegar and use it to wipe the main unit all the way down until it is grease-free or free from dust.

If it is still slippery, you can squirt some little wash soap on the cloth, wipe the foodi grill with it, then get another soft cloth, dip it into the vinegar and wipe the foodi grill with it.


How do you put the safe parts into the dishwasher?

First, you need to check the removable parts again if they have food particles and grime on them. If they do, then you need to rinse off the particles and load them into the dishwasher.

The grill grate, crisper basket, and cooking pot, these ones tend to retain some grease and food particles, but all you need to do is, use the cleaning brush that comes with it to brush off the grease and food particles from the removable parts, especially the grill grate and crisper basket.

Brush thoroughly until the parts are clean. Then finally, load them into the dishwasher. After the dishwasher has done its part, bring them out, and get them thoroughly cleaned.

In conclusion, the Ninja foodi grill is quite easy to wash if you follow the right method. The removable compartments are dishwasher safe. You can try it in your space.