Is Dishwasher Safe For Health?

If you are asking this question, then you must be bothered about your health, and you must have been bothered about getting your dish done in a faster and easier way.

Or you already have a dishwasher, but you are pretty curious about knowing this. Well, it’s not bad to know.

The dishwasher is a very convenient tool in the kitchen that saves your time, saves your energy, and even saves your water consumption.

However, some people have been using the handwashing method to wash their cookware and other kitchen utensils because they believe that the dishwasher is completely unsafe for human health.

is dishwasher safe for health

Dishwasher versus Handwashing?

A dishwasher is highly effective for washing your dishes, cookware, utensils, and other dishwasher-friendly appliances.

This is because all you have to do is to load your dishwasher with your dishes and have them washed by the machine.

Plus, the dishwasher uses an appropriate amount of water, but in handwashing, you have to keep the tap running which means you are unsure of when you will finish doing the dishes and if the water will be enough.

Above all, most people prefer using the dishwasher because it saves time and energy.

But some minimalists believe that they get a kind of fulfillment in completing a task by themselves.

They also believe that the dishwasher cannot completely wash your dishes well because there might still be some stubborn stains and food particles on the dishes even after washing them with the dishwasher.

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Is the dishwasher safe for humans?

You see, most kitchen equipment can be dangerous, but it all determines on the user. How do you handle your dishwasher appliance when no one is watching? You can hold a knife at the handle, which can be called safe.

But if you hold a knife at the blade region, it will be called unsafe for humans.

So how you handle it matters and depends on you. Most times, we are too lazy to study the manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions faithfully to get the desired result that we need.

Normally, when you don’t defrost your refrigerator or you don’t clean the refrigerator for a whole year, it will automatically become harmful to your health.

So imagine leaving your dishwasher uncleaned when all the walls are covered with grime and grease?

Does Fungi grow in dishwashers?

Normally, a hot or warm environment is usually the home of fungi. It turns out that when the research was done concerning this study, black yeast was discovered in some parts of the dishwasher.

Now, this black yeast tends to spread across other household appliances and utensils and cause various kinds of diseases like lung diseases, inflammatory diseases in the brain, etc.

How to avoid this yeast buildup in your dishwasher?

It is your topmost responsibility to handle your health and take charge of your kitchen. So to avoid terrible health circumstances, you should maintain the hygiene of your appliances.

Whenever you finish using your dishwasher, ensure you wipe the walls with a dry kitchen towel.

Wipe the edges and anything in the dishwasher that is capable of absorbing moisture. Wipe them thoroughly until they are completely dry. Leaving no breeding ground for fungi or bacteria to appear.

Furthermore, try re-rinsing your dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher soap or detergent used in washing the utensils and cookware is usually harsher than the mild ones sold for the purpose of handwashing.

There are other special rinsing liquids for purposes such as this.

It allows you to instantly get rid of the remnants of the detergents used in the dishwasher.

However, after rinsing it with the rinsing liquid, you can also rinse it with clean water. After rinsing, then you can dry it with the kitchen towel.

Is dishwasher safe for children’s health?

When the dishwasher is not properly cleaned, some bits and pieces of these appliances escape and stick to your utensils and kitchen equipment.

They tend to cause various problems to health, such as depression and some other allergies.

Children should not be exposed to an unhygienic dishwasher because their immune system is not as strong as adults.

They have a weak immune system.

Therefore, just a bit of this can be toxic and be more dangerous for a child. It can lead to several health challenges, like asthma.

So if you have children in your house, you need to be careful with double washing every of your kitchen appliances.


In conclusion, the dishwasher has been made to make life easier and more comfortable.

However, with these technologies, there are also side effects to all of these new appliances because some of them have been manufactured from various types of materials and have undergone a different process of invention.

Just ensure that you follow the right process and the manufacturer’s instructions while dealing with your appliances.

Remember that anything can be unsafe for your health if you don’t monitor your hygiene.