Is Bone China Dishwasher Safe? (Here Is My Quick Answer)

No one can disagree that bone china products are absolutely amazing.

Bone china products are considered to be the most polished and lavished tableware products available that have classy, traditional, and fashionable designs.

Not only are they sophisticated, but they are also durable if well taken care of.

Bone china products range from plates, bowls, mugs, and teacups used as dinnerware and teaware. Bone china products bring a perception of style and sophistication to eating at home, making every meal special.

Is Bone China Dishwasher Safe

Is Bone China Dishwasher Safe?

Many people prefer using bone china products on special occasions because of their elegance and hardly use them daily because of the high maintenance required to keep them long-lasting.

To keep your bone china product looking its best, it is suggested that you wash it immediately after you are finished using it and not use scrubbing pads or harsh detergents while cleaning it.

Leaving food stains for longer periods may cause discoloration of your bone china product.

I understand the hustle of cleaning dishes, especially after a tiring day, and adding to that is when your utensils are high-end pieces like the bone china ones that require handling with care.

Dishwashers make it convenient for us to wash dishes regardless of our situation.

As long as you have placed the dishes in the dishwasher, you can run the cleaning robot and wait for your dishes to be cleaned. Then, you can remove them later when they are dry.

No waking up to a smelly kitchen due to dirty dishes.

Are bone china products dishwasher safe?

Yes, bone china products are dishwasher safe as long as you follow the laid-out guidelines on how to clean them using a dishwasher.

Bone china pieces are delicate, and they require maximum care to maintain their beauty for longer periods.

So if you are using a dishwasher to clean, then make sure that you start cleaning immediately after you are done using them to avoid food residues discoloring your products.

Place your bone china pieces in the dishwasher and make sure you have not stacked them.

Do not overload the rack or place your bone china pieces with other metal utensils because they may break or scratch during the spinning of the dishwasher.

To prevent your bone china piece from scratching and breaking, put it in a fabric storage case or a plastic container, or else insert pieces of fabric, tissue paper, or napkins between each piece when stacking.

How To Wash Your Bone China Piece

You can clean your bone china pieces either by hand washing or using a dishwasher.

As mentioned earlier, it is perfectly okay to wash your bone china plate or mug in a dishwasher, provided that you follow the guidelines stated in the user manual.

For instance, do not let the pieces touch each other in the dishwasher, and do not overload the rack.

This will help in preventing breakages and scratching of your bone china pieces.

Additionally, ensure that you have chosen the ‘short wash’ or ‘china and crystal’ cycle command on the user interface of the dishwasher.

Then use gentle detergents to wash. Avoid harsh detergent and use moderate heat.

While handwashing, do not stack bone china plates and mugs together; wash them separately using warm soapy water, and rinse thoroughly with clean running water.

When stacked together, bone china products risk breaking or scratching, damaging their decoration. Let the pieces dry completely before you store them.

So, if you have to stack them together, put a piece of towel or tissue paper in between the pieces to avoid scratching or chipping.

How to remove stains in a bone china product

Bone china products are easy to clean and rarely stain, although, if left longer with food residues, it can retain the color of the residues after cleaning.

Stubborn stains can ruin the beauty of any bone china piece.

However, you don’t have to throw away your mug because some coffee stains have discolored it.

There are several ways to remove stubborn stains and discoloration in bone china products without damaging their elegance.

First, you can soak your mug or bone china pies in hot water for a few hours, then scrub gently in soapy water and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

If the stain persists, you can try soaking it in a mixture of hot water, soda bicarbonate, and vinegar and leave it through the night.

Rinse it in the morning and let it dry. Another way is to soak in hot water with slices of lemon.


How to keep your bone china pieces at their best

Bone china products are the most expensive ceramics available.

If you have one, it is worth your investments; however, you need to be extra careful to keep them safe so that they may last and you can pass it down to the next generation.

To help you keep your bone china product at its best all the time, I am going to list some tips in this section.

Always clean bone china products immediately after you are finished eating; do not let them overstay with dirt.

When bone china products are left with food residue and dirt for long periods, they can easily stain or discolor.

Also, avoid stacking your bone china products together while cleaning or storing them.

Laying a bone china piece on another can cause breakages, scratching, or chipping.

Do not use abrasive detergents while cleaning. Harsh cleaning detergents can remove the decoration or damage the beautiful finish your piece has.

Use moderate heat while cleaning or drying in a dishwasher.

Extreme heat conditions can cause breaking or discoloring of your bone china product.

If handwashing, wash them gently in a plastic container because metal containers can scratch your bone china piece.

Always rinse thoroughly to remove deposits of detergent, which may form a film if permitted to dry on the bone china piece.

Finally, always handle with care to prevent accidental slips, scratching, and table knock-offs.

It is a good practice to always read the care and guide manual that comes with the products so that you are certain of the dos and don’ts of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to clean a bone china product using a dishwasher?

Yes, it is safe to wash a bone china product using a dishwasher as long as you follow the instructions provided in your care and user guide manual.

Where do I place my bone china plates and mugs in the dishwasher?

You can place your bone china pieces on either the top rack or the bottom rack of the dishwasher. As long as you do not stack them nor overload them, then your bone china pieces are safe.

Furthermore, use moderate temperature while washing your pieces.

What is the best detergent to use to clean stains in bone china products?

If the eco-friendly detergents fail to remove stains in your bone china piece, then you can soak it in a mixture of warm water, bicarbonate of soda, and vinegar for two hours and then rinse it.

It is recommended that you clean your bone china utensil as soon as you are done using it to avoid stains or discoloration.

How do I remove discoloration on bone china mugs?

Often, when you leave your bone china mugs with coffee or tea for some time, you will realize that the mug will get stained.

There is no need to panic; a discolored or stained bone china mug can be cleaned by soaking it in warm water for at least two hours, after which you scrub gently with eco-friendly detergent and rinse it.

If the discoloration persists, you can fill it with a mixture of hot water, soda bicarbonate, and vinegar and leave it through the night. Rinse it in the morning and let it dry.

What is bone china made of?

Bone china products are created using a combination of china clay, china stone, and animal bone ash that are molded together. Bone china products are light, opaque, and have a milky appearance.

Although bone china products are said to be the strongest and most durable of all ceramics, they are fragile and need to be handled carefully, especially when washing.


Final verdict

Bone china tableware products are worth your investment. They not only enhance the taste of your food but also bring elegance to the occasion, making every dining occasion experience special.

Bone china products are made from a combination of china clay, china stone, and animal bone ash.

These combinations make bone china the strongest, polished material of all the porcelain and china ceramics, thus making bone china products durable and stylish.

However, its lightness makes it fragile, therefore requiring handling with care.

Bone china products are dishwasher safe, and therefore you can conveniently use your dishwasher to clean.

However, there are precautions to take to avoid damaging them while using the dishwasher to clean.

First, do not use harsh detergents in your dishwasher; instead, use gentle or eco-friendly detergents.

Second, do not stack your bone china pieces in the dishwasher rack, nor let them touch each other. Do not overload the rack and use a temperature of 400C.

To spin, use the short wash or china and crystal cycle. Finally, dry your bone china pieces and store them safely.