How To Self Clean GE Electric Oven

The self-clean option is definitely for some selected oven brands. So if you use the Ge electric oven, then you may need to know that you can actually fold your arms and suspend your legs up in the air, and watch your oven self-clean!

Contrary to some traditional beliefs about self-cleaning, you need to understand that the self-cleaning method was installed or designed by the manufacturer, who thought it wise to install such a feature to help homemakers like you.

How To Self Clean GE Electric Oven

The self-clean feature in your Ge electric oven should be used as often as you clean. It will help you in carrying out a proper cleaning exercise.

Just in case you have issues trusting the machines in carrying out this cleaning exercise, it is advisable that you remove any iota of distrust because you will be incredibly amazed when your Ge electric oven finishes self-cleaning.

Why should you self-clean your Ge electric oven?

You should apply the self-clean feature because sometimes, your machine gets to clean some unreachable parts that you may not be able to clean or some parts that you may not see while cleaning.

You should self-clean because there are some moments when you will be laden with so much work at home, and you may not have that amount of time to spend cleaning your oven.

But the self-clean method will help you manage your time effectively. You should also self-clean your Ge electric oven because the self-clean button is right there.

It is installed on your oven, and all you have to do is, turn it on and enjoy a stress-free cleaning process.

Does the self-clean method thoroughly clean your electric oven?

Most times, when you clean your oven yourself, there is no guarantee that the oven in itself, gets thoroughly clean.

That means if you use the self-clean feature, your oven gets cleaned thoroughly but only up to about 90%.

This is because some areas, like the oven door right around the edges, may not get thoroughly cleaned.

So even if you have the self-clean feature in your Ge electric oven, be on standby with your liquid dish soap and old toothbrush or scouring pad aside.

So that you can just give the edges some gentle scrub, the scrub should not take much of your time except if there are other places that need to be thoroughly cleaned as well.

How Do You Use The Self-clean Feature For Your Ge Electric Oven?

Quite simple! If you still have your manufacturer’s manual, then you can get the hang of this as fast as you can. If otherwise, then you need to follow these steps.

First off, you need to take out the oven divider. That means you should take out anything plastic or rubber, and also take out all cookware, including the oven timer.

Take out everything except your enameled oven racks.

You can leave them in the oven because the oven gets to self-clean everything, so you only have to bother about the oven divider.

You can soak the oven divider on its own while you concentrate on your oven. Dust the electric oven and let it be free from debris.

Next, close the oven and turn on the self-clean button. On your oven control pad, you will observe that the self-clean feature has the standard, the low, and the high feature.

This means that you get to decide how fast or slow you want your oven to be cleaned. But it is advisable to choose the standard self-clean option if your oven is terribly dirty.


Standard Self Clean

The standard self-clean option will clean the oven for at least 5 hours. That is such a long time to get your oven thoroughly clean.

You can’t possibly clean your oven on your own for 5 hours. But your oven does! And that means you should worry less about still getting a dirty oven.

You can do other things while you wait for the five hours to elapse.

You can turn to your oven divider and get it all clean by soaking it away in a bowl of warm soapy water.

Or you can get some sleep or find some fun things to do while your Ge electric oven self-cleans. As soon as the 5 hours elapse, you can wait for a few minutes so that the oven will cool down.

You do not have to touch the oven while it is still hot. Next, as soon as you notice that the oven is cool, you can now open it to check through.

You will see that the racks are completely clean, and the oven walls and floor, including the door, are clean.

But in case you notice that the door area isn’t as clean as you want, then you may get some mild liquid dish soap.

Spray that area, or if the door of the oven is made of glass, you may need to get a glass cleaner to do the trick for you.

Spray the oven door and use a scouring foam to wash thoroughly. And if the edges are not properly washed, you can use the old toothbrush to do the trick for you.

When you are done, wipe it off with a dry kitchen napkin or paper towel, and allow it to dry.

Or, after cleaning with a kitchen napkin, you can shut the door of the oven again and turn on the oven to get it heated for at least 5 minutes just to dry the moisture.


Finally, you can always use the self-clean feature if you want to deep clean your oven.

If you use your oven more frequently than it should be used, then you will need to use the self-clean oven as often as you need to clean it.

Also, do not attempt to leave foil or any extra material in the oven before self-cleaning.

This is because, during self-cleaning, heat is passed, and such material might get melted due to the velocity of the heat passed in the oven.

So save yourself some stress and get to use the self-clean method!