How To Drain Oil From T-fal Deep Fryer Easily

T-Fal is one of the most reliable brands that you can fully trust. If your home appliances are made from this brand, then you must rest assured that your appliances are reliable and durable products.

However, the problem is not in the durability of the product but in knowing how to navigate around it.

Even though T Fal comes with a manufacturer’s manual, some people still find it difficult to navigate around the control options.

However, once you get and understand it, it becomes easy to operate.

How To drain T-Fal Deep Fryer oil

You are done frying with the T-Fal, but what’s next?

You may need to wash the appliance and pack it for storage. But how do you do it with the oil spill in the oil bowl?

First, disconnect or finish the cooking, then remove the power plug from the wall socket.

Next, after this has been done, allow the deep fryer to cool to room temperature.

Once it is now at room temperature, you can now drain the oil.

But how do you drain the oil? If you look by the side of the deep fryer above the plastic compartment, you will see a turner. Then turn the turner to the right totally.

Wait for a few minutes until all the oil filters into the plastic compartment. After thirty minutes, then switch the turner completely to the left then remove the plastic compartment.

Voila! You have oil safely tucked in the plastic compartment and ready to be used again.

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How To Drain Oil From T fal Deep Fryer

What if the oil refuses to drain?

Appliances sometimes develop their trouble even though they do not look like problems in themselves.

Well, issues like this can be a lot severe because it is possible for you to experience some kind of difficulty while draining the oil.

The best remedy to use if your T-fal deep fryer refuses to drain oil is for you to troubleshoot the deep fryer to be sure where the problem is coming from, so you can proffer solutions to it.

Your T-Fal deep fryer may not be draining because the oil temperature is too high. It is strongly advised that, before you drain oil or wash your washable compartments, it is expected that you allow the oil to cool to room temperature.

If the temperature is too high, the fryer will gauge the temperature of the oil in the oil tank, and once the heat has been noted, it will not allow the draining process to continue.

So don’t panic; check to see if this is one of the reasons why the deep fryer is not draining.

Secondly, your deep fryer may not be draining because the filter gird is clogged. Water cannot successfully pass through a hose if the hose is clogged.

So take note. Once the oil refuses to drain, it may be that the filter gird is clogged, which is, hindering the oil from getting filtered into the oil container.

So what do you do? You remove or empty the oil into another bowl by turning it.

Then begin to clean the filtration gird with the use of warm water and a soft brush. Ensure you scrub thoroughly until all the debris is out, then rinse with warm water.

Then push the red button at the bottom of the fryer to drain the water after washing. Once you are done, then you are ready to use your appliance again.

Thirdly and finally, the automatic filtration may be off if the oil is not draining. So all you have to do is to turn it back on.

Sometimes, you may forget to turn on the filtration switch, so don’t panic. Your deep fryer is not damaged.

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Can you drain the oil using another method?

Asides from the normal method, as stated in the manual.

Please there is no other method because if you decide to drain the oil with the filtration switch not turned on, then you may be pushing the deep fryer towards the process of being damaged.

So kindly use the automatic filtration method and follow through. All these buttons have been designed to carry out some functions on the appliance fully.

What happens to the debris filtered out of the oil?

The debris filtered out of the oil will remain in the oil container in the deep fryer. Or in the oil basket.

Simply bring them out and empty them all into the sink and load them into the dishwasher to be washed as soon as you are done.

In conclusion, there is no better way to navigate around an appliance if you do not read through the manual. The manufacturer’s manual is a key guide to answering most of the questions you have about this deep fryer.

You cannot operate an appliance well if you lack knowledge of it. So read through the manual to be sure of how to handle the T-fal appliance.