How To Deep Clean An Air Fryer

Kitchen utensils tend to get dirty and crusty as a result of consistent use. So it is with your air fryer. It must have gotten dirty and heavily caked with grease that seems almost impossible to clean.

Air fryers normally do not use oil to fry but it is impossible to ignore the grease dripping from the food placed in the fryer.

Greasy stains keep building up if not properly cleaned. Quite some people struggle to deep clean their air fryer using different methods but it all turned abortive because the right cleaning agents and the right cleaning method were not followed.

You must have checked the air fryer’s manual for more insight into how to deep clean the air fryer, but to get the best result for a clean air fryer, you need to follow the methods below to leave your appliance clean and ready to use again.

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how to deep clean air fryer

How can you deep clean your air fryer?

Method 1

You must understand that you can clean your air fryer using no harsh chemicals so you can be sure that your non-stick air fryer will not be replaced after all. First, you need to get some mild detergent to get the job done for you.

You can get the Dawn liquid detergent, squirt some bits directly on the air fryer basket both internally and externally.

You can use your finger to spread the soap on the surface of the air fryer. Ensure that the whole basket, including the air fryer is coated evenly with the soap. Once this has been properly coated, you can get baking soda and sprinkle some generous amount on the basket. Ensure that you also use baking soda to coat the air fryer evenly.

Then wait for a while and get an old toothbrush, preferably you can use a soft sponge to rub the mixture on the air fryer.

Scrub at it thoroughly yet apply less pressure on the scrubbing to not affect the non-stick coating. The liquid detergent helps to break off the greasy stains automatically and completely removing grease off the air fryer.

Now that you are done with the baking soda and liquid detergent, get about ¾ cup of white vinegar. When this is added, you will see that the baking soda will bubble which is a good thing, and that is how you know that it is working effectively.

Next, get a lemon, divide the lemon into halves. Take one part and place it in the ware in a pot or kettle.

Now bring water to boil. After it’s boiled, add the lemon water content into the air fryer together with the initial mixtures then allow the mixture to sit overnight.

The powerful combination of these cleaning agents; lemon water, baking soda, vinegar, all have powerful degreasing properties that can help in breaking down all the hard-baked greasy, grime mess.

The following day, you can now separate the air fryer, pan, and basket from the degreasing mixtures using a soft sponge and warm water.

Make sure the water is warm enough for you to dip your hands in it. Get a dish sponge to wash down the rest of the greasy mess. When you follow this method, you will be able to deep-clean your air fryer without any hassle or fear that it will affect your non-stick coating because it won’t.


Can you use Brillo Pads to deep clean your Air Fryer?

Personally, the Brillo pad is too harsh and will certainly wear off the non-stick coating of your air fryer. So do not use a Brillo pad to wash the air fryer. However, if some part of your air fryer is not non-stick, then you can use the Brillo pad. If the air fryer is not clean, you can repeat the procedures above to get a cleaner air fryer.


Method 2

To deep clean your air fryer, you can decide to use this easy and affordable method. Get your dawn liquid detergent or any mild liquid detergent. Then separate the air fryer pan and the basket from each other.

Pour warm water in a bowl, or the sink. Then you add some squirts of liquid detergent into the water.

As soon as the mixture is soapy, pour in a few teaspoons of white vinegar, then dump the air fryer pan and basket into the soapy mixture and soak overnight. The following day, get a soft sponge and then begin to scrub at the air fryer.

Once you are done, rinse them with warm water and use a kitchen towel to wipe off the wetness so that they can sit pretty in the air fryer.

Meanwhile, spray the outer part of the air fryer with white vinegar, then add some squirts of liquid soap. Once you are done adding the soap, use your finger to spread it around the outer part.

Once you are done spreading, leave it for a few minutes then get a soft sponge, rub at it, get a damp towel and rub at the outer part, until all the soapy greasy mess can no longer be found.


Why does Air Fryer have built-up grease?

How in the world does your air fryer get caked with grime and greasy mess? How you clean your air fryer basket determines if there would be a huge deposit of grime and grease.

If all you do is simply wipe your air fryer with some damp towel all the time, then your air fryer may look clean, but it is definitely holding up to a huge deal of grease down there.

The caked-on grease sticks to the non-stick coating and there you have your greasy air fryer that needs to be deep cleaned.

In conclusion, ensure that you know the kind of air fryer you are using before you deep clean so that you don’t use your cleaning method for cleaning an air

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