How To Clean Kitchen Sink With Vinegar

A dirty sink is unavoidable. There will always be the splashing of oil, food particles wandering here and there, greasy gunk lined at the edge of the sink, coffee stains, dirty soapy stains, and dirty stagnant water, all these are unavoidable as long as the sink is in the kitchen.

In fact, the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your home with germs having a field day if you don’t clean the sink thoroughly after every use.

But then, how do you intend to wash your kitchen sink?

There is no single right way to clean your kitchen sink. But when you are faced with a lot of choices to make, you may be forced to pick the one way you think is best to clean your kitchen sink.

However, there is every possibility that this kitchen sink, may not be cleaned the right way because you chose the wrong way to clean it using the wrong cleaning agents.


how to clean kitchen sink with vinegar

There are few things involved when it comes to cleaning your kitchen sink

If you want to clean your kitchen sink like a pro, a simple rinse is not enough.

You need actionable agents like vinegar. Vinegar will not only leave your sink clean but it will leave it sparkling as well and unfit for germs to stay.

If you use a stainless steel kitchen sink, congratulations because you are in for a great shock! your sink would receive a great transformation after this cleaning process has been tried out.


First, you need to give your kitchen sink a thorough rinse. Turn on the faucet and allow the water to flow.

Use the water to rinse the surface of the sink, rinse the sink to get rid of obstructive particles and dirt.

If you’ve got dirty dishes on the sink, simply finish washing the dishes and set them aside. Now as soon as you are done with rinsing, clear the drainage system properly.

Next, after rinsing your sink, get mild liquid dish soap, put some squirt on the surface of the sink or pour into warm water, and add a cup or half cup of vinegar.

Then begin to wash the sink with the aid of a soft brush or an old toothbrush. If you’ve got stains on the sink, sprinkle the warm water on the stained area add washing soap and vinegar.

These will help loosen the stain and make it easy to wipe off.

finally, rinse the sink, then spray the sink again with vinegar, then grab a paper towel to rub the vinegar in. now leave to dry and see your sink sparkling!


Can you use acidic cleaning agents and salt to wash the kitchen sink?


No, you cannot. Even though you’ve got stains on the sink, it’s not a good idea to have your sink faced with abrasive cleaning agents.

If your sink is made from stainless steel, then you should be careful not to use materials that can damage the finish of the stainless steel sink.


Can You Clean Your Kitchen Sink With Baking Soda?

baking soda

Yes, you can. Baking soda and vinegar work together. They create a reaction when that happens. The two cleaning agents can clean the kitchen sink thoroughly and give you your desired result.

Rinse the sink thoroughly with clean water, then sprinkle the baking soda generously on the sink until the surface has been fully covered.

Afterward, you can get the vinegar and spray it all over the kitchen sink.

Leave for few minutes, afterward get a soft sponge and scrub the sink thoroughly with it.

Then rinse the sink with clean soapy water, that rinse again with clean water, then grab a kitchen towel to dry the sink. Finally, spray the sink with vinegar.


Will vinegar damage my kitchen sink?

Vinegar is an eco-friendly cleaning agent. It can be used in baking exercises as well as in cooking.

Just as vinegar is harmless in baking or cooking, so is vinegar not harmful in cleaning exercise.

It helps to thoroughly clean whatever appliance you need to clean with it and transforms it into a new form.

Vinegar will never damage the finish on your kitchen sink. If you use a stainless steel sink, vinegar is very friendly with the stainless steel material.


Does the vinegar have any fragrance?

We understand that you are washing your sink and trying to get rid of gunk but that doesn’t mean that your sink will not have some kind of offensive odor as a result of the dirt that you have just rinsed off your sink.

Vinegar has no fragrance that it comes with. However, if you desire any fragrance in your sink, you can put half of the lemon in a pot of water and bring it to a boil.

Now pour the lemon water into a spray can together with vinegar and use it to spray your sink after washing.

To get a fragrance odor, you can use Dawn liquid soap too. The liquid soap has some fragrance of its own. And when you use it on your kitchen sink, it will aid in washing the sink and giving it a squeaky clean.


How often can you clean your kitchen sink?

The kitchen sink should be cleaned regularly. It shouldn’t be left for over a week or more. However, if you’ve gone on a trip for days and you’ve just arrived, then you will need to do a rigorous cleaning as well.

Either way, you can simply rinse the sink every day, washing it with soapy water but on weekends, you can decide to use the vinegar, baking soda, and another cleaning agent to give it a squeaky weekly clean.

Do not use chemicals to clean your kitchen sink because this may affect your sink.

In conclusion, your kitchen sink needs your automatic attention. When you do not give your kitchen sink maximum attention, then you will be at risk of hosting germs right in your kitchen.

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