How To Clean Greasy Tiles In Kitchen (2 Simple Methods)

You can never be too careful in using your tiled kitchen. It’s either the tiled kitchen walls or floors get stained by greasy mess, stew/casserole stains, coffee/tea/or even water spills.

You can never be entirely free from greasy mess as long as you are in the kitchen area. Oil splatters are unavoidable each time you cook.

This means you will have to figure out a way to fight off this greasy mess of your kitchen tiles.

Sometimes, people often find it difficult to fight off greasy tiles. How do you take care of your greasy kitchen tiles when you are faced with problems such as this?

And then how often can you clean your greasy kitchen tiles, both the floor tiles and the wall tiles? Because as the tiles absorb oil and greasy stains, they keep soaking deeper into the tiles until they become harder to remove.

Although stains can become harder to remove, they aren’t impossible to remove.

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How To Clean Greasy Tiles In Kitchen

Cleaning Greasy Floor tiles in the Kitchen

Method 1

The floor tiles are usually the first to receive the first splatter from the oil spills and greasy mess.

Now, what happens when you have not touched the greasy floor tiles for a long period of time.

First, you need to know that there is already built-up grease on the floor and that you will need a properly active method to soften the build-up grime.

Get warm water, put it in a spray can, and spray it lavishly on the floor tiles. You can mix the warm water with vinegar. It will go well.

After that, leave it for thirty minutes, then get a soft foam or soft sponge, dip it into a warm soapy mixture and begin to wash the greasy wall tiles with it until the greasy mess are all out.

Now get a paper towel, or preferably get a dry microfiber mop and wipe the soapy wall with it. Spray with vinegar and water lightly to give it a sparkling finish!

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How to remove tough oil stains from your greasy floor tiles.


First, make a solution of vinegar and warm water and spray it on the affected areas. Now leave for 5 minutes for the warm water and vinegar mixture to absorb the stains.

Then get a separate bowl/ bucket and mix baking soda and warm water to form a stiff paste.

Then apply the paste to the affected wall. Once this has been done, you can wait for 20 minutes.

Afterward, do another mixture of mild liquid soap and warm water, dip a soft sponge in it, and begin to scrub off the stains until the stains have been removed.

Then dry using a dry microfiber mop.

What if the greasy stains refuse to leave the tiled floor?


You may need to get a degreaser. When you get the degreaser, spray it lavishly on the or floor, then do a vinegar and water mixture and spray the surface lightly.

Allow mixture to sit for 10 minutes. Afterward, wipe the surface with a dry rag. Keep wiping until the grease and stains are all gone.

The degreaser is safe to use in your kitchen for your greasy floor tiles.

Can you clean your greasy floor tiles with Magic Eraser?

Maybe it’s a greasy stain from your hands, oil splatters, and the like; your tiles are still stained with oil fingertips and a greasy mess.

But you can sort that out with the aid of a magic eraser which you can easily make at home if you do not want to get the one from the convenience store.

Mix a gallon of warm water with half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar, and a cup of ammonia.

Once these have been mixed, grab a scrubber that is a scrubbing sponge and begin to scrub the tiles after this has been sprayed or poured on them.

Do not worry; the cleaning agents are safe to clean your tiled walls and floors. Meanwhile, do not apply so much pressure on the tiles while scrubbing. The tiles have to be treated delicately.

Method 2

Sometimes, cleaning the floor tiles can look tedious, but they are quite simple if you understand the techniques involved.

Get a mild liquid dishwashing or surface cleaner.

You can decide to use Windex if you wish to. It is also a great option because it is non-toxic and works pretty well on hard surfaces.

Squirt some of this dishwashing soap into a bowl of warm water and mix to form a soapy mixture.

Add a spoonful of baking soda, and add a cup of vinegar. Get a soft micro-fiber mop and clean the greasy tiled floor with it.

Once you are done, pour the water away and get clean, warm water, pour a cup of vinegar into it, and mop the floor again.

But this time without the use of liquid soap and baking soda. You will observe how clean and bright your tiles will look afterward.

How often should you clean your greasy kitchen tiles?

As often as you can. You can decide to clean it regularly if you wish or if your wall is the time that gets dirty frequently as a result of your consistent use in the kitchen, you can clean it twice a week.

However, if you are a homemaker, it is expected that you clean your greasy tiles once every week.

It will help reduce the pressure from the tiles, especially if you are barely at home.

But if you are always at home and you have room to after cooking to clean, kindly do that.

Clean the greasy kitchen tiles every day; it will hinder built-up greasy grime on your tiles.

In conclusion, cleaning your greasy kitchen tiles requires that you pay much attention to details.

Because you need to discover first that your tiles need to be cleaned so that you don’t spend too much time cleaning tiles that aren’t greasy.

And so that you don’t neglect the time that you have to clean the greasy mess off the kitchen tiles.