How To Clean Frigidaire Electric Stove Top

Frigidaire brand has amazing products. However, the brand is quite famous for its quality and super affordable refrigerator. But it’s no surprise that they also make quality electric stoves.

As much as the Frigidaire electric stove is easy to use and navigate around, it can be quite difficult to clean if you don’t use the right cleaning agents and tools.

How to Clean Frigidaire Electric Stove Top

What tools and cleaning agents are needed?

The right set of tools and cleaning agents can be found in your kitchen. You don’t have to go the extra mile to source for it. These tools and cleaning agents are;

  • Oven spray
  • Mild liquid dish soap
  • Fume-free spray
  • Warm water
  • SOS pad
  • Paper towel/dry microfiber kitchen towel
  • Scrapper
  • Baking Soda

Before you begin…

Ensure that the electric stove is turned off and completely disconnected from the power source.

Also, ensure that the stovetop is cool enough to work on. Afterward, dust the stovetop to get rid of loose food particles on the surface.

Then unplug or remove the burner coils, the rings, and the drip tray. That is if your version of the Frigidaire electric stove is detachable and isn’t made of glass.

Then you raise the underside of the electric stove to get it ready for cleaning.

However, if your Frigidaire electric stove isn’t detachable, then you do not need to unplug or remove the burner coils.

All you need to do is, unplug the electric stove from the power source and allow it to cool completely.

Clean with an Oven Spray and Liquid dish soap

Kindly ensure that the dish soap you have is mild and not harsh. Make a bowl of warm soapy water and place it on the counter.

Next, grab the fume-free spray and spray the underside of the raised stove. Then close the underside and allow it to sit for twenty minutes.

Next, spray the stove top area. Spray the rings and drip pans if you wish to, but you can put the rings and drip pans into the bowl of warm soapy water. Submerging them completely.

Next, concentrate on the burner coils by spraying them and scrubbing them with an SOS pad almost at the same time.

Keep doing this until every stuck burnt particle on the burner coil is removed and is now clean.

Check on the soaked rings and drip pans. Begin to scrub them thoroughly with the SOS pad. If there are stubborn stains on them, then use the scraper gently.

You will see that all the dirt will completely drop off. Next, raise the underside of the stove top, then soak the SOS pad in warm soapy water, then begin to rub the underside.

Once you are done, clean the underside with a dry towel, clean the burner coils with a dry towel and clean the rings and drip pans with a dry towel too.

Now, replace the items carefully and get them ready for use.

Why do you use Fume-free spray for the underside of the stovetop?

Fume-free sprays are designed specifically to help in giving the stovetop and kitchen a nice fragrance even after cooking.

This spray will help in swallowing every smoky smell that may emanate from the stove top while you are cooking.

It will also swallow up every burnt smell as well. So it is important to use the Fume-free spray for the underside of your stovetop.

However, if you decide against using it or you do not have it, then you can still make use of your oven spray just to give it a light wash.

Clean with Baking soda and liquid dish soap

Tough stains are inevitable and quite difficult to get rid of most times. But if you have baking soda, then it will certainly do the trick for you.

You should have a baking soda hidden somewhere in your kitchen. It is one useful baking ingredient that every homemaker cannot get rid of.

Just as it is vital in baking, it is also much vital in cleaning.

So, if you want to clean with baking soda, raise the underside of the stove top, remove the burner coils, and drip pans; now, mix the right quantity of baking soda enough to cover the stovetop.

Mix it with a small quantity of liquid dish soap. You may add warm water as well. Now mix to form a paste. Next, apply this pasty mixture on the stovetop, on the drip pans, and on rings.

Then you can gently use it to scrub the burner coils.

Afterward, grab your SOS pad and soak it with a small quantity of liquid dish soap.

Then, rub the underside of the stove top gently in order to get rid of the stuck odor. Clean the underside with a paper towel. Then close the underside and concentrate on the drip pans and rings.

Put them in the sink, and turn on the faucet slowly so that the water from the faucet flows at a slow pace.

Next, squirt some dish soap over the items, grab an SOS pad and begin to scrub the drip pans and rings.

You will observe that the drip pan will turn bright silver instead of the brownish color it used to have.

Rinse the drip pans and rings thoroughly and dry.

Next, squirt a little amount of dish soap on the stovetop, and allow it to sit for 5 minutes while it soaks in the baking soda. Then, get your scraper and begin to work on the stovetop.

Peeling and scrubbing off tough stains. Once this has been done, use a dry towel to wipe off the baking soda and dirt peel thoroughly until there is no more debris left.


Finally, you must understand that the Frigidaire stovetop can be difficult to clean when you don’t have the right cleaning tools and agents.

Please stay away from using hard scrappers like steel scouring pads or razors to clear off tough stains. It will destroy the surface of the stovetop.

Also, do not forget to clean your electric stove top at least once every week. It will keep your stovetop clean and efficient for more cooking!