How To Clean An Extractor Fan Motor

The extractor fan motor is what keeps the range hood running, so it is important to keep it clean.

However, removing the motor can be difficult or, sometimes, impossible. But if you want your device to perform at its best, then you must be prepared to invest in cleaning to make it durable.

Cleaning an extractor fan motor can appear rigorous if you do not do it through a known process.

A homeowner may begin to ask, do extractor fan motors need cleaning?

Does even an extractor fan motor in the bathroom need cleaning as well?

This is because a typical house owner may never think cleaning an extractor fan motor is as important as cleaning your kitchen floor tiles.

You also need to know that every piece of equipment in your home, kitchen, and any other place, needs proper maintenance.

Maintenance includes cleaning, washing, and even servicing, as in the case of machines.


How To Clean Extractor Fan Motor

Every piece of equipment in the kitchen needs to be maintained, and no one is higher than the other. That is, no one requires maximum attention than the other.

They are all the same! Just the way a plate needs to be put away in a dishwasher, so is the extractor fan motor. It needs to be cleaned.

Every extractor fan motor requires constant cleaning and maintenance to keep ticking even for years to come. In this guide, there are several methods on how to clean your fan motor.

To clean the extractor fan motor, which is sometimes called a blower, first remove the blower from the range hood, and then with the aid of a drill, unscrew the fan blades on each side.

Soak them in warm water, and place them in the dishwasher to clean them properly.


What do you need to clean an Extractor fan Motor?

There are a variety of things that you will need to clean your extractor fan motor. They are;

  • Hot water.
  • Dish soap (liquid)
  • Soft sponge.
  • Bicarbonate of soda.



Firstly, you need to remove the extractor fan motor from your range hood, then remove the fan blade cover, including the but in the center.

Then remove the fan blades and soak them in the warm or hot water that has been mixed with the liquid dish soap.

However, you can put them in a dishwasher if they are dishwasher-safe. As soon as you are done with washing, dry the fan motor and the blades with the aid of a microfiber towel.

Then reinsert the fan blades and then reattach the fan covers as well. Once everything has been inserted, you can now begin to enjoy your device.


If you are unable to detach your extractor fan motor from the hood, then you can begin to clean using paper towels.

Although your hands would get messy, and the paper towels will appear as though they are not effective, they are.

Once the grease and first are cleaned with paper towels, you can now begin to use a toothbrush with dish soap on it and begin to scrub the motor.

As you scrub, you clean with a wet cloth since it can come in contact with water. You may also decide to use a soft sponge to do the scrubbing.

The goal is for your extractor fan motor to be clean and efficient enough to work.

Once you are done wiping with a wet cloth, arrange the extractor fan motor area and get ready to use it again.


How do you replace your Extractor Fan Motor?

It is not unusual to have your extractor fan motor replaced, but if it becomes too weak to work or when it stops working, then you can remove it from the rest of your device.

Here is how; when the fan blades are removed, then you should be able to see the motor when looking at the bowler from the other side.

Then, remove the four nuts from the fan motor and gently pull them out of the five units.

Buunits it is still attached, which means there have to be about a few that are still fastened on the other side.

Once you find the bolt, simply loosen that bolt, and then, you can now take out the moto with ease.


How to prevent Greasy Strains on your Extractor Fan Motor

Extractor fan motors are very sensitive to greasy stains and any kind of dirt you can think of.

And it will not be cool for the motor to stop working because there it will get clogged with dirt, dust, and greasy stains.

This can, in the long run, affect the whole device and prevent it from working smoothly.

However, you can prevent it by cleaning it up every 1-2 months. It will allow you to have your device working perfectly.

So if you haven’t cleaned or washed your extractor fan motor for years now, maybe it’s time to do that.

However, if you do not get it cleaned up, then you may begin to contend with a bigger problem which might involve hiring a professional or finding a company with the necessary equipment to clean your fan motor.

However, if they can’t clean it, it is wise enough to ask them for suggestions on who can clean it well.

Also, you must try and minimize the amount of cleaning that you do around the house. But if you clean your extractor fan motor every month, you will not encounter problems with not getting it all cleaned up.



In conclusion, No device or machine wears out suddenly or in a short time. Maintenance is key to long use.

When you can maintain your device properly, you will be able to use it for a long period without the need to buy a new one.

So, to maintain your extractor fan motor properly, do all that has been said above, and you will find it working well.