How To Clean Electric Stove Burners and Drip Pans

Electric stove burners and drip pans are easy to clean up, especially when you use the right materials.

Meanwhile, not every cleaning agent or material can be good enough to handle the grime and dirt on your stove burner and drip pans.

How To Clean Electric Stove Burners and Drip Pans

Since you are using an electric stove burner, I would give you a few tips on how you can perfectly clean your stove burners and drip pans by giving them a squeaky finish.

Materials you will need

You will need to use the following;

  1. Scouring sponge
  2. Degreaser
  3. Foam
  4. Magic eraser
  5. Household Ammonia
  6. Liquid Soap
  7. White Vinegar
  8. Warm water
  9. Baking Soda
  10. Paper towel
  11. Dry kitchen towel

Various Cleaning Methods

You can’t just clean your electric stove burner, and drip pans one way.

There are several methods and other ways you can use to get your electric stove burners and drip pans back to how it was when you newly bought them.

A. Cleaning With water and liquid soap

This first method is simple and affordable. Since you have a mild liquid soap dishwasher handy in the kitchen, then you can always go with this first method, especially if your electric stove burner isn’t entirely dirty.

Turn off the electric stove and allow it to cool entirely before touching it.

Next, get rid of every form of debris or leftover food particles with the aid of a paper towel or a dry kitchen towel.

Dust until there are no food particles still stuck on the stovetop. And if there are stuck-food stains on the stove burner, ignore it because the liquid soap will work the magic!

Next, remove the detachable stove top gently so that you can have access to the drip pan.

So lift the stove burner up and unhook it gently. Once the burners have been separated from the dishpan, get the dishpans out and put them into a separate large dry bowl.

Then do the same for the stove burner. Now squirt the liquid soap all over the pans and burner and allow it to sit for 15 minutes.

Next, get the warm water and pour it all over the drip pans and stove burners.

Grab a steel scouring sponge and begin to scrub the stove burner applying a little pressure to get the tough stains out. When you are done getting the tough stains out, rinse with warm soapy water.

Also, grab a foam and use it to scrub the drip pans, applying some pressure so as to get the debris all out.

You cannot use a steel sponge on your drip pans because it may hinder the stainless steel design and cause scratches.

But if you don’t have the foam sponge, you can still use the steel sponge to get the stains out of the drip pans.

Once the drip pans and stove burners have been thoroughly cleaned, get them rinsed using warm soapy water. Rinse them again using warm water this time.

And finally, dry them with a dry kitchen towel. Once they are dry, you can fix them in the appropriate place.

There you have your squeaky clean electric stove burners and drip pans!

B. Clean Using Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar are perfect cleaning agents. It is virtually used by every homemaker you come across. It is perfect for scouring and easy to handle.

You can get both items from the store. But if you have them in your kitchen, then you should get them out to get your electric stove burners, and drip pans squeaky clean.

Mix some generous quantity of baking soda with little white vinegar. Just enough to turn the baking soda into a pasty form.

Once this is done, separate the electric stove burner and the drip pan into different bowls, then begin to apply the pasty baking soda on the drip pans and electric stove burner.

Apply until they are all fully coated. Sprinkle gently with some white vinegar.

Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, sprinkle the drip pans and burners again, grab your scouring sponge and pour some warm soapy water on the items so that they can be thoroughly soaked.

Meanwhile, grab a rubber glove for safety for your hands because you need to start scrubbing your drip pan and burners while the water is still hot.

Scrub gently but thoroughly with a steel scouring sponge until all the dirt, grime, and oil are out. Rinse the items with enough warm water until it turns clean and all the soapiness is out.

Get some paper towels or some dry cloth to dry up the washed items.

Once they are dry, replace them on the stove and put them to use.

C. Clean Using Ammonia

You can clean your electric stove burners and drip pans with household ammonia. You shouldn’t be scared of ammonia. It helps give a sparkling finish.

Remove and separate the drip pans and the stove burner. Put them into a separate nylon bag.

Then spray the drip pans and stove burner with some of this household burner until they are fully coated.

Then tie/seal the nylon and put it away for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, make a simple solution of warm water, liquid soap, and white vinegar.

Once this has been done, remove the nylon from the drip pans and stove burner and place them in the bowl of warm soapy mix.

Next, scrub the drip pans and burners. You will see that the dirt and debris will begin to come off easily.

Scrub using a steel scouring sponge for the burners and then the soft sponge using a foam sponge.

Next, rinse with warm water mixed with vinegar, then dry using a dry towel.



Finally, you must understand that your electric stove burners and pans need to be in good shape.

They need to be kept in a clean condition because a dirty cooking space may cause a lot of untold illnesses.

But once any of the above methods are followed, it will be easy to achieve a squeaky finish!