How To Clean Deep Fryer Heating Element

A deep fryer is used in most homes today, just like in your home. You cannot deny the importance of the deep fryer as a homemaker.

It is a necessary appliance in your kitchen and if you run a commercial food outlet like a restaurant, a deep industrial fry is mostly needed to carry out your frying activities.

If you have donuts to fry, meat, fish, fries, and other delicacies to fry, then the deep fryer always comes in handy.

However, as much as it is being used on a regular basis, it is important to keep the deep fryer clean. Not keeping it clean equals that you have an unhygienic and dirty deep fryer.

You will not like the look of the deep fryer when you see it all covered up in thick and messy grime and baked-on greasy mess.

How To Clean Deep Fryer Heating Element

Cleaning A Deep Fryer Heating Element

As long as you keep your kitchen area clean and free from dirt, your deep fryer should also be kept clean and free from dirt because this appliance handles the finishing aspect of food making most time.

And it is required that you keep it clean so that your food does not get drenched in the offensive smell of the dirty deep fryer and so that bacterial infection does not extend into your mouth from the food as a result of the unwashed deep fryer.

What do you do when the heating element is dirty?

First, how do you know it is dirty? There is no how your deep fryer would be dirty, and the heating element will remain clean. It’s not possible.

The heating element gets darkened or thick brown as against the normal silver or metal color that it should be. So when you notice the change in colors, that is a cue for you to know that the heating element is dirty.

Now, what do you do when it is dirty? It’s simple! What do you do when the dishes get dirty? You wash them! So it is with the heating element.

As soon as you notice that it is dirty, get it cleaned up using the methods that are available and necessary.

How do you clean the heating element of the deep fryer?

You might be scared based on your belief that this part shouldn’t be any close to water or soap. However, you need to check through the manufacturer’s manual to be sure that you are on the right track.

Most times, you need to drop the heating element into soapy water or white vinegar, as the instruction says.

To clean your heating element, you can use baking soda, mild soap, warm water, and two dry kitchen towel.

First, detach the heating element from the deep fryer, then mix baking soda with a little quantity of vinegar or warm water until it thickens into a paste.

Afterward, use the paste to coat the heating element.

Now once you are done, allow it to sit for an hour; after that, mix the mild soap with warm water, then dip one dry kitchen towel into the soapy mixture and use it to scrub the heating element.

By now, the baking soda residue will begin to fall off. After the heating element has been thoroughly cleaned, put the other dry towel into clean, warm water and use it to wipe your heating element clean.

Method 2

In this method, you will use white vinegar, baking soda, an old toothbrush, and a soft dry cloth.

Pour a cup of vinegar into a wide bowl and make sure that the vinegar is about 9% and the water 1%.

So pour the 1% water into the bowl of vinegar. The water should be warm and in a smaller quantity than the vinegar.

Detach the heating element from the deep fryer, and begin to coat it with a thick mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

After it has been fully coated, put the heating element into the white vinegar mixture and water.

Allow it to sit for about an hour or two. Then get your old toothbrush and begin to scrub the heating element gradually. You will observe that the dirt will begin to peel off.

Finally, get it out of the vinegar and water, and clean using a soft cloth. Dry it properly, and the outcome will be a sparkling clean heating element.

In conclusion, for you to enjoy any kitchen appliance, you must know that cleaning and proper maintenance are key.

So always ensure that all the appliances, including the heating elements of the appliances, are well taken care of.


Common Mistakes Made With Deep Fryer

One major mistake that homemakers like you make with your deep fryer is that you wash the removable compartments of the deep fryer and completely neglect the heating element.

Don’t be surprised we know about this; it is a common mistake that most homemakers make.

And this is not right because the dirt and baked-on grease in the heating area will keep having a negative impact on the heating element until it stops functioning as it should.

Sometimes, it can become corroded as a result of the amount of grease on it. But what do you do when your deep fryer heating element is dirty?