How To Clean Dash Air Fryer Basket

After throwing a party or planning a lively dinner for friends and family, your cooker and air fryer must have worked a ton of times because there is just so much food that needs to be fried.

And, of course, your Dash air fryer is left a mess even until weeks after the party! But then, you have cleaned your air fryer, but your Dash air fryer basket is giving you a fit!

In this article, we will show you how to easily clean your Dash air fryer basket without any issues!


How To Clean Dash Air Fryer Basket

How To Clean Your Dash Air Fryer Basket At Home

  • Buy Dawn dishwashing soap. This dish soap is mild, soft on the fingers, and gentle on whatever surface you decide to use it on. You can always get one from the nearest grocery store if you want. The Dawn dishwashing soap is also very affordable in that you can get it for a few dollars. So, now that you have your mild dishwashing soap, then you can get to work!
  • Fill your sink or bowl with some warm water. Then add some squirts of dishwashing soap to the warm water. And ensure that the warm water is soapy.
  • Dust your Dash air fryer basket and place it in the warm soapy mixture. 
  • Allow it to soak for about 20 minutes so that the residue can soften and allow for easy washing.
  • Get a soft sponge and begin to scrub the air fryer basket as gently as you can. You will observe that the dirt will begin to slide off easily. 
  • Rinse under cool water and dry with a clean, soft cloth. 

Is Dash air fryer basket dishwasher friendly?

The dash air fryer brand didn’t say if it’s dishwasher friendly or not. However, it was severally hinted that Dash air fryer accessories should be cleaned with merely warm water and a sponge.

However, you should check the manufacturer’s manual for further information. But if you can’t find any, just stick to the hand-washing method.

Can you clean with Frosch dishwashing gel baking soda?

Absolutely! This is another way you can get to clean your air fryer basket without any hassle.

In fact, this dish soap works in two ways. It works as mild liquid soap and also as a baking soda.

Both will work as a kind of reaction on the basket, especially when the soap is mixed with warm water.

Or you can rub the dish soap into the air fryer basket and allow it to soak for a few minutes, then scrub off the air fryer basket with a soft sponge and rinse off later under cool water. And leave to air dry.


What are the tools that you will need to wash your Dash air fryer basket?

In cleaning, a lot of things are put into consideration, especially if you want to clean a kitchen appliance.

You don’t simply clean for the fun of it or for the point of seeing it clean.

But you should clean it to keep the appliance neat, healthy, sparkling, appealing, and durable.

Every cleaning exercise is done with the intent of keeping the appliance durable for longer use.

And so, a few things should be put into consideration when you want to clean your Dash air fryer basket and the air fryer in general. 

  • Consider the manufacturer’s manual; what does it say? The manufacturer’s manual will give you a hint of how your Dash air fryer basket ought to be cleaned and handled. It will also enlighten you on the kind of products to use for the cleaning exercise. 
  • Abrasive or Non-abrasive; Check to see if the product you are about to use is an abrasive or non-abrasive product. Abrasive products are usually harsh cleaning products like steel wool, iron sponge, muriatic acid, ammonia, bleach, etc. At the same time, non-abrasive cleaning products include; white vinegar, Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, soft sponge, foam scrubber, mild liquid dishwashing soap, etc.
  • Avoid using metal/iron scrappers; these tools, knives, iron spoons, or metal forks, can not remove the stubborn residue entirely. And even if they do, it will still leave your air fryer basket scratched, with the non-stick coat tampered with. 
  • Avoid scouring the pad. This is one of the requirements of the Dash air fryer brand. You are expected not to use scouring pads because scouring pads are considered abrasives. The scouring pad may look gentle on the outer side, but when used on sensitive surfaces like your Dash air fryer basket, then you should expect to see your non-stick coat peek off.


How often should you clean your Dash air fryer basket?

Ideally, your Dash air fryer basket should be cleaned immediately after every use. This is done to avoid gunk buildup from grease and charted food.

But just in case you are unable to clean your air fryer basket immediately after cooking, you could try to soak the air fryer basket in a bowl of warm soapy water overnight and have it washed the following day.

Final Thoughts

Dash air fryer brand has specific features that make for easy cooking. The air fryer basket, for instance, is strong and large enough to accommodate large fries at and heated temperature of about 500°F.

Don’t forget to use knives or any metal scraper on your Dash air fryer basket.

Dash air fryer basket has a non-stick coat which makes food not stick to the basket even after frying. Meanwhile, you can always use a paper towel while using the basket.

You will observe that after removing your fries or chicken, the paper towel will be stained instead of the basket being stained. 

Also, you should always use non-abrasive tools and cleaning materials for your Dash air fryer basket.

Your air fryer basket should not be cleaned with any harsh product, and it should be stored carefully in the air fryer where it is meant to be.

To deep clean your Dash air fryer basket, you can use any of the cleaning products above but try to make the air fryer basket a bit longer.