How To Clean Burnt Baking Tray

The baking tray is one of the most basic necessities of every homemaker or chef.

They either have a baking tray or nothing else because there is no substitute for a baking tray. And even if there is, then it may not be as good as the normal baking tray.

The Blackened baking tray, as believed by some, is the sign of a good cook. But when your baking tray starts to turn sticky as a result of the burns, then it is time for you to do something about it.

And even when you think that you should do something about it, how do you even get to clean a burnt baking tray?

Not knowing the best methods how to clean your burnt baking trays can become quite difficult, especially when you cannot decipher what method you are to use to clean your burnt baking pan.

How To Clean Burnt Baking Tray

To clean your sticky, greasy, and burnt baking tray, it is a good idea to soak it in a sink full of hot water with a good quantity of dishwashing detergent. Here is what you will need to remove every ;

  1. Paper towel.
  2. A kettle.
  3. Hot water.
  4. Scouring pad.
  5. A soft sponge or soft cloth
  6. Dishwasher Dishwashing liquid
  7. Baking Soda


Cleaning a Burnt Baking Tray

So if your baking trays are not greasy but are covered in a thick coating of burnt foods and other kinds of dirt, then cleaning this baking tray would be a little bit different.

For greasy baking trays, using a liquid washing soap or detergent would be great because it would easily break down the grease. So the products may not be as effective at removing burnt food.

The first thing to do is to use a paper towel to remove the loose burnt food in the baking tray. You do not need to scrape the baking tray.

So just keep it gentle. Then you can put some quantity of hot water into a sink and pour a generous amount of baking soda into it. Then add the tray and leave the tray to soak for about an hour.

After the time elapses, drain the water and use a cloth or soft sponge to wipe any burnt residue or baking soda residue.

Then wash the baking tray with some warm soapy water and scrub with a soft sponge or, preferably, a cloth if the baking tray is non-stick.

When you are done, rinse the baking tray with warm water, and dry it using a dry kitchen towel.

If the baking tray is too large to fit into the entire sink, you can revisit the process again, or if some of the burnt residues are still stuck to the baking tray, then you can try to repeat some of the processes.

Finally, after you must have gone through these processes, to ensure that your tray is as clean as ever, you can toss it into the dishwasher for a quick rinse, or you can wash it in your sink with a liquid dishwasher to get a squeaky finish.

How do you avoid a burnt baking tray? You can not avoid burns. Burns in food are inevitable.

However, you must be prepared to face the burns once it happens. Do not leave burns to stick to the baking tray for days; otherwise, it might have an adverse effect on the baking tray.


Cleaning a Greasy Baking Tray

You must have assumed that your dishwasher would do all the work for you, including degreasing your baking tray.

But you will be surprised to see that your baking tray is still as slippery as ever because you did not use the proper degreaser or the proper washing tool.

To decrease your baking tray, you can wash it manually.

However, you have to check the kind of materials you use for the washing because there are non-stick baking trays that wouldn’t like the contact of abrasives or hard sponges.

It is also an acceptable idea for you to put on rubber gloves while washing your burnt or greased baking tray. To protect your hands from grease and grime.

Get a pepper towel and an oven spray to wipe away any grease. You can use the Cif perfect finish Oven and Grill spray to wipe away any great as much as you can from the baking tray.

Simply remove the big greasy clumps by the corners. So fill a sink with hot water and a generous amount of liquid dishwasher.

Then soak the baking tray for at least an hour to cut through the oil and greasy stain.

But if your tray doesn’t fit into the sink completely, you may want to turn it over to allow the other side to soak in the hot water mixture.

Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe away the remaining grease. While wiping the baking tray, you should notice that the grease on the tray slides off easily.

If you are not using a non-stick tray, then you will have to scrub your tray using a scouring pad.

Once you are done washing or scouring, toss it into the dishwasher to have a final clean.


In conclusion, there are other cleaning agents that you can also use for your baking tray.

For example, you can use white vinegar and baking soda to clean your burnt tray.

You can sprinkle the baking soda on the pan and then spray some white vinegar on the baking soda and allow it to sit for a few minutes at most allow it to sit for 20 minutes. , you can wash it off with the use of a soft sponge.

You will notice that the burnt food in the baking tray will easily peel off and slide away.

Once you are done washing away the debris, you can now dip the baking tray into a warm water mixture and liquid soap for another thorough rinsing.

Once you are done with rinsing, you can now dry it using a paper towel or a kitchen cloth.