How To Clean Aroma Rice Cooker The Right Way

What comes to your mind when you hear of a rice cooker is that your rice-cooking days are over! Now you have a machine that has been specifically designed to win this act.

But before we go further, have you ever had a rice cooker before? Or you’ve had one that you use for multipurpose functions in your house? Or are you planning to get one?

Either way, an aroma rice cooker will do the trick! Although it all depends on your budget and your household requirements.

Once you get appliances like this, maintenance should be one of the key priorities because it would be totally unfair if the aroma rice cooker is bought by you but is not properly maintained by you.

So maintaining it is very vital else you will ha e a malfunctioning device all through.

So you can keep taking care of them regularly when you know the means.

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Clean the Inside of the Aroma Rice Cooker

Cleaning the aroma rice cooker isn’t really a tedious task.

The process involved is just like cleaning your pots and other kitchen utensils. Cleaning your aroma rice cooker is not a challenging task. You will later discover that it is a fun thing to do.

First off, before you clean, disconnect the cable from the socket and allow the rice cooker to cool before washing.

After it has cooled, dismantle or take out the compartments like the inner pot or container. To clean the inner pot, you can simply carry out this exercise with mild dishwashing soap and warm water.

To create a hot or warm soapy mixture and get a soft scrubby sponge to wash the inner pot thoroughly.

Make sure that the greasy mess and dirt are all off. If there are stubborn stains, you can leave the hot water to soak the inner pot overnight or for a few hours.

Afterward, wash again, then rinse with clean, warm water. Then drain to dry. As soon as you are done draining, you can dry it completely with the use of a towel.

How To Clean Aroma Rice Cooker

Your Aroma Rice Cooker Has Stubborn Stains?

If your aroma rice cooker has a stubborn or stiff stain, you can get baking soda and mix it with vinegar, and you can mix it with some warm water to make sure it is formed into a pasty mixture.

Once this is done, apply it to the stained area and leave for 10 minutes. Then come back after 10 minutes and begin to scrub the affected area thoroughly but without any pressure.

Once you are done, rinse the cooker and leave it to dry. To fight off stubborn stains, you can as well pour in a hot soapy mixture and leave it overnight to soak properly.

Once this has been done, you will observe that the stains would have been lifted, and now you can use your rice cooker.

How do you clean your nonstick Aroma rice cooker?

For your nonstick rice cooker, you also don’t need to fret because the process involved in this is not as tedious as you think.

Once you notice that it is nonstick, to prevent the nonstick coating from wearing off, ensure that you do not use an abrasive brush to scrub the inside of the rice cooker.

Also, ensure that the water you want to use is not steaming hot. Allow it to be warm; then, you can pour it into the rice cooker or inner pot for further washing.

And do not use any other dishwashing soap if it is not mild. Use mild dishwashing soap for your rice cooker.

Is the Aroma rice cooker dishwasher safe?

Of course, the whole rice cooker cannot be dishwasher safe. But the inner pot compartment that can be detached from the rice cooker appliance is dishwasher safe.

Over it, it is best you read through your manufacturer’s manual to be sure the aroma rice cooker is dishwasher safe.

Can you use decreases and other cleaning agents?

No! Your mild liquid dishwashing soap can do the work of a degreaser most times.

Meanwhile, never try to use decreases or any chemical-inclined cleaning agents that will not give the cooker positive aftermath.

Do not use abrasive washing agents so that it doesn’t ruin the food you will later cook using the rice cooker.

Other Places to Clean in your Aroma Rice Cooker

Don’t forget to clean the lid. The old most times is often neglected by most people. Your lid also needs your attention.

Whenever you want to wash the lid, consider washing both the inner and outer parts of the lid as well.

You can make a warm soapy mixture and dip a soft sponge into the water, then use it to scrub both the inner and the outer part of the lid thoroughly.

Then rinse with warm water. Afterward, dry with a kitchen towel.

You shouldn’t forget to wash the heating plate as well. If it is detachable, then you should ensure that it has cooled down completely before you can get a dry cloth to clean it.

But since you have detached it from the socket, you can soak the cloth in water and use the damp or moist cloth to cleanse the surface of the heating plate. Then allow it to dry.

Is reading the Manufacturer’s manual necessary to know how to clean an Aroma rice cooker?

Yes. A manual is a set of guiding principles that will push you into achieving one goal, and that goal has to do with keeping it highly maintained, in use, and durable enough to withstand a longer period of years.

If you have an Aroma rice cooker manual, kindly stick to it and read through but if you cannot, then fine.

The manual will give you an edge over all the parts of the rice cooker and what they are used for.



In conclusion, washing the aroma rice cooker will not only help to keep your cooker safe from germs, but it will help in adding to its longevity.

Never forget that you must never use a harsh solution to clean the aroma rice cooker because it will surely ruin the nonstick coating of the rice cooker.

Finally, always check the manual to be sure that the aroma rice cooker is dishwasher safe because not all aroma rice cooker is dishwasher safe.