How To Clean Air Fryer Racks (5 Easy Methods)

Air fryers are usually one of the most preferred kitchen appliances. This is because it is useful for cooking fast foods without the use of excess oil.

Your leftovers have the chance of being preheated by this lovely appliance, and your chicken wings and fish all tend to get fried and remain crispy to perfection because there is no excess oil.

And while all these fryings, baking, and cooking are all going on, there is the probability that your air fryer will be stained with oil splatter and food crumbs that have been left stuck in between the cracks and corners.

When you don’t clean properly and use the air fryer, it may begin to smoke unnecessarily without even noting the cause.

How To Clean Air Fryer Racks

Why You Should Clean Your Air Fryer Racks

You should clean them because; there is every probability that the next food that you will be eating that was prepared by the air fryer, would have been infested with bacteria.

This is because you did not properly take care of your air fryer rack. There may be food remnants stuck in between the racks, and those are enough reasons why you should get your air fryer racks cleaned.


Methods to clean Air Fryer Racks

How To Clean Air Fryer Racks

Method 1: How do you clean your air fryer rack?

You will need a soft-bristled brush; you will also need a dry microfiber cloth or even a paper towel; you will also need a degreasing dish soap as well.

So ensure that your air fryer has been turned off once that is done. You can then allow it to cool completely before you begin to wash it.

Separate the air fryer from the rack, pan, and other removable items.

Check if the air fryer rack is dishwashing safe. Once it is safe, you can slip it into your rack and allow it to wash.

When it comes out, you can now dry it using a dry cloth. So if your air fryer rack is not dishwasher safe, then you should wash the removable rack in warm soapy water.

Use the soft brush to scrub the rack thoroughly. Once you are done scrubbing, you can now rinse the boy very well. Then dry using a dry cloth.


Method 2

If you don’t feel too comfortable using just soap and water, you can get baking soda from any grocery store.

Once this is gotten, scoop a few tablespoons of baking soda into a cup or plate, then mix it with a small quantity of warm water.

Mix until it forms a paste. Then, coat the air fryer rack with baking soda. Coat properly, and then spray white vinegar on the coated mixture. Now allow them to sit longer than 45 minutes.

Afterward, scrub the air fryer rack thoroughly. After scrubbing, you can now rinse using warm water and soap.

Then dry it again using a  dry microfiber cloth to wipe the rack clean to get rid of every trace of wetness on the air fryer rack.


How To Clean Air Fryer Racks

Method 3

You will need some teaspoons of white vinegar and some mild liquid dish soap for this method. Pour a little amount of dish soap into a bowl of warm water, followed by some tablespoons of white vinegar.

Then place the air fryer rack into the warm soapy mixture and allow it to soak for about 30 minutes.

The dish soap and the white vinegar will help cut through the excessive greasy mess on the air fryer rack. Now get a soft sponge and begin to scrub the air fryer rack thoroughly.

Scrub until all the grime and greasy mess are all out. Then pour the water away, and rinse the rack using warm water.

After that, get a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the rack clean so that there will be no single trace of moisture on it. Then store away completely.


Method 4

To clean your air fryer rack, you can use an oven cleaner.

First, turn off your air fryer and disconnect it from the socket so that you don’t get electrocuted while detaching and washing the rack. Allow them to cool before detaching.

Now create a warm soapy mixture by pouring some amount of oven cleaner into the warm water.  Once this has been done, you can now soak the rack in the soapy mixture for a few minutes.

After that, scrub the rack using an old toothbrush or a bristled soft brush. Whichever one you have, ensure that you use it to scrub the air fryer rack thoroughly.

Pour the water away and create another warm soapy mixture.

Leave the rack in the soapy mix for 15 minutes, then scrub again. This time, all the grime and greasy will be all out. Then you can now rinse the rack with warm water to remove all the soapy mixture from the rack.

Finally, dry the rack using a dry kitchen towel.


Method 5

You can use salt to get it all cleaned up.

First, detach your rack from the air fryer, then remove all the debris by dusting them off.

Then sprinkle the salt on the rack. Once they are fully covered on the rack, get vinegar in s spray can and spray the rack.

Allow it to sit for thirty minutes. After that, get mild dish soap, sprinkle some quantity on the rack, and then scrub using a soft-bristled brush.

Scrub until all the grime is out. Then rinse thoroughly.

In conclusion, you may be asking, what if your air fryer rack is non-stick? If your rack is coated with a non-stick coating. Never use abrasives to wash it, and never use a hard sponge or brush on it.

Instead, go for mild options like mild dish soap and white vinegar.

Don’t even use a metal object to prod or scratch the surface so that the non-stick coating doesn’t get removed and so that the surface doesn’t get scratched. Ensure that you always check your air fryer rack’s making before you dabble into washing it.