How To Clean Air Fryer Pan With Ease

Owning an air fryer pan is an amazing thing. And it is actually one of the greatest additions to your kitchen collections.

So if you’ve got an air fryer, congratulations! Because you will love it and its very pleasant features.

But you want to clean your air fryer pan because you think it is too greasy or because you think it has turned brown from dirt.

This means that you will ensure that you get your air fryer pan all cleaned to avoid future food crumbs from forming a huge deposit in your pan.

Cleaning your Air Fryer Pan

The easiest way of cleaning your air fryer pan is to clean it each time you use it.

Since it is just an air fryer, not a deep fryer, then that means that you do not need to clean any grossly oily mess because the oil that will be featured in the pan will not be as much as that of the deep fryer.

So cleaning up this part will be less stressful. Also, the compartments of the air fryer have been designed to be dishwasher-friendly.

This automatically makes up for manual cleaning. So all you need to do here is to empty the pan and get it into the dishwasher.

Meanwhile, here is what you should avoid while cleaning your air fryer pan. Never use metal utensils or a scrubby sponge to clean your air fryer pan.

Most of these pans are fully coated with a non-stick coating.

So when you use any of those devices on the pan, it can affect the coating.

Another thing you should avoid doing is cleaning your air fryer pan with harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals have their way of destroying things sometimes, and it also has a way of affecting people’s food taste when used.

Also, always unplug the appliance when you are about to wash or thoroughly clean up.

Allow the air fryer to cool before cleaning. This is also essential.

Here’s what you will need to clean your air fryer pan; you will need dish soap, baking soda, a soft sponge, liquid dish soap, a kitchen towel, or a dry cloth.

how to clean air fryer pan

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Turn off the appliance at least 30 minutes before you begin washing, then detach the air fryer pan from the air fryer itself.

You can either make use of a damp cloth to get the job done for you, or you can use a soft sponge to get it done quickly. Then, use hot soapy water to wash the air fryer pan.

You can decide to use baking soda and white vinegar when you mix some small quantities.

Once it has been formed into a paste-like mixture, you can now coat the pan using the baking soda paste. Spread evenly across the pan. Then spray again using white vinegar solution with water.

Afterward, after a few hours, you can rinse off with warm water. Then dry it using a dry kitchen towel or any soft cloth that is fit for the kitchen.

To clean the whole air fryer, try to use a damp kitchen cloth to wipe the outer part of the appliance. Then use the same damp cloth to wipe down the heating element.

If there is any hard food residue or hard grease residue on the outer part of the air fryer, make a paste out of baking soda and water.

Then use the paste to scrub off any dirt; now, use a damp cloth to clean this part thoroughly. You can now set it aside to dry or completely store it away until your next use.

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How To Clean Air Fryer Pan with ease

Stubborn stains on the Pan

Stains are inevitable. And what you should do after discovering them is to get them cleaned quickly.

So if you discover that your pan is dishwasher safe, you can load them in and run it the normal way.

However, if it isn’t dishwasher safe, you should clean the pan with warm soapy water and with the aid of a bristle brush.

Now soak the air fryer pan in warm soapy water overnight. After it is thoroughly soaked, you can begin to scrub using a bristle brush. Repeat even when the stain does not yet finish.

Now dry all the air fryer compartments and store them away for future use.


When do you need to clean your Air Fryer Pan?

Every machine stops working effectively when it encounters a problem. If your air fryer pan ceases to work effectively, then you know it needs to be cleaned.

When an air fryer pan gets dirty, it can affect your food, taste buds, and even your health!

Take, for instance; you have a massive build-up of grease in your air fryer pan. How do you detect?

When you eat the food you prepared from the air fryer, you will observe that there is a certain kind of odor emanating from the baked-on greasy mess or dirt.

This odor has a way of infiltrating your food and hindering the taste of the food such that every bite of the food tastes the same way the odor smells.

This can be quite dangerous, too, because your food can become contaminated!

So your air fryer pan needs to be cleaned when you notice the offensive odor.

Your air fryer pan also needs to be cleaned when you notice that the pan is slippery, even after constant washing.

When you try to rub the surface of the air fryer pan and your finger gets slippery, that means it needs to be cleaned.

Also, whenever your pan is dirty, you will observe that if the color of the pan is black, there will be some slight change in color to brown from the corners to the edges of the pan. So when you notice this, that means the pan needs a cleanup.



In conclusion, an air fryer pan is almost the most important compartment of the air fryer.

It comes in contact with food almost daily. That means It needs to be properly cleaned and maintained. Consistently.