How To Clean Air Fryer Basket Residue

Leftover residues tend to create a massive buildup in your air fryer basket. If you are not careful, your air fryer basket may become useless for use.

It might begin to emit an offensive odor, which may linger on your food even after the air fryer must have been washed.

So what do you do? How can you clean your air fryer basket residue without any problem?

In this article, we shall carefully consider how to clean air fryer residue.

How To Clean Air Fryer Basket Residue

How To Clean Air Fryer Basket Residue

You might be quick to assume that. Meaning your air fryer basket may not be easy. True- it may not, but with the tight cleaning tools and processes, you might not need to worry about the hardness of cleaning.

Residues can be caused by soup, food, and sauce splatters from the food. It can also be caused by oil spills.

When these spills and splatters build up, they cause an offensive odor, and because you don’t get it all cleaned up after use, the basket tends to smoke while using it to cook.

So, those are the signs that massive dirt residue in the form of grease and the rest have accumulated in the corners of the air fryer basket.

The air fryer basket may even begin to darken as a result. And before you know it, every food you cook in the basket eventually burns as a result. 

As a result of this pent up residues, a set of processes has been set in place to effectively help you in cleaning your air fryer basket to the end that you will get a squeaky and clean finish.

Most air fryer baskets are termed to be dishwasher friendly.

And there are some that are dishwasher friendly. So it is left for you to know which air fryer basket is dishwasher friendly or not.

You can check your manufacturer’s manual to be sure if your air fryer basket is dishwasher friendly. 

So after this has been checked, you may now go through the first method of cleaning your air fryer basket;

The Dishwasher Way;

So, after you must have checked to be certain that your air fryer basket is dishwasher friendly, try to take out the air fryer basket and set it aside.

Then empty the air fryer basket if it has buildup residue that are stubbornly stuck to the bottom of the air fryer basket.

Use a mild liquid soap dishwasher to do the washing. Then place the air fryer basket in the compartment and turn on the dishwasher to wash. 

After washing, you may need to inspect the air fryer basket to be sure that the residue is no longer in the basket. If there are still some tiny bits of residue left on the air fryer basket, try to get a bowl and pour in some warm water, then add some squirts of liquid soap.

Preferably you can use the Dawn liquid soap. Afterward, place the air fryer basket in the bowl and allow the basket to be submerged in the warm soapy mixture.

The warm water will help break the toughness of the residue, while the liquid soap will break every buildup grease.

Allow soaking for about 30 minutes, or at most 1 hour. But it all depends on the level of residue build up in the basket. 

Now that this has been fully sorted, you can now take out the soaked basket once you feel that the residue on the basket has begun to slide off. Get a soft sponge and scrub carefully until all the residue is out.

Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Ensure you dry the air fryer basket with some paper towel and set it aside to air dry naturally before keeping it for storage. 


How Do You Clean A Nonstick Air Fryer Basket Residue?

You must understand that generally, nonstick cookwares are appliances that need to be stressed.

This is because they can easily be scratched and the nonstick coating may simply chip off and then, it will become ineffective for use.

So, since your air fryer basket is nonstick but has some buildup residues, then there are certain cleaning processes that you must follow. 

  • You need to carefully get a damp cloth. With this damp cloth, detach the air fryer basket from the air fryer, then wipe the air fryer basket with the damp cloth. This will help to wipe off, then remove the residue carefully. But note not all the residue will be fully scraped out. 
  • Then you can get a plastic scrapper. Do not use a steel or wooden scrapper. Kindly use a plastic scrapper to scrape the sides of the air fryer basket to release some of the residues on the basket. 
  • You aren’t done yet. Try to get a bowl of warm water, and mix it with some dishwashing soap, and some few ounces of vinegar. 
  • Rub some of the mild liquid dish soap on the basket and sprinkle some baking soda on it, then place the basket in the water, soap, & vinegar mixture. 
  • Leave the basket to soak for an hour.
  • After that, you can get take out the basket and begin to use a soft sponge or foam to wash gently the air fryer basket. The residue will have fallen off at this point. Once they are all washed, you may now rinse your air fryer basket with some warm water and vinegar. Dry using a paper towel. 


What Are The Rules To Take To Avoid Residues In Your Air Fryer Basket?

  • Never leave air fryer baskets overnight after use. Cultivate the habit of washing immediately after use. 
  • Always store air fryer basket safely, and properly.


Final Thoughts

Air fryer baskets are one of the most easiest accessories of the air fryer to clean. So if your air fryer basket is burdened with residues, try to get them cleaned the proper way!