How To Deep Clean Kitchen Floor (3 Effective Methods)

When your dishwasher doesn’t work the way it should, it is maybe because it is spoilt or it lacks proper maintenance. That is what happens to your kitchen floor.

When your kitchen floor begins to bring out certain coloration and odor, that means you have not been maintaining your kitchen.

Getting your kitchen back into the way it should be is no easy task. It is a real chore, so if you are looking for how to maintain your kitchen or deep clean your kitchen after your long trip, then you are reading the right article.

Deep cleaning wooden kitchen floor

However, there are general deep cleaning tips if you want your kitchen floor clean.

Method 1

First, you must make sure you wear protective gloves and clothing because you are about to deep clean your kitchen floor using chemical cleaning products.

Next, ensure you always read the instruction on the chemical cleaning products before using them. So always keep the area you are about to clean, well ventilated.

You can do this by turning on the extractor fan, if there is one, or you open the window. Also, if you’re using a cleaning product for the first time, test it first on a small area so that you can be sure that it won’t disfigure your kitchen floor.

Method 2

Check to know the kind of floor you are using, then proceed. Since you haven’t cleaned your kitchen floor for a long time, you may need to make a paste with baking soda and warm water and coat the stained floor with this paste.

After coating the floor with it, allow sitting for 1 to 2 minutes, then begin to scrub gently using a soft brush, or preferably using an old soft toothbrush.

After you are done scrubbing, you can now rinse off the paste using a dry mop and warm water.

Once you are done with this, wash the mop and clean the floor again to get rid of the remains of the bicarbonate of soda.

Method 3

To deep clean your kitchen floor, if you have liquid dish soap, then pour some quantity into a bucket of water and wash your kitchen floor. Then after washing, clean with a dry cloth.

Then respray the floor with a floor-based cleaner and leave it to sit for a few minutes; mop with a microfiber mop.

However, if the stains from the floor are yet to remove, you can use a stain removal product for floors.

Pour it on the stained surface and begin to scrub using a soft sponge. Then mop with the aid of a clean cloth or mop.

However, deep cleaning your kitchen floor also involves cleaning according to the different floor types that will suit the different tool types as well.

how do you deep clean kitchen floor

How To Deep Clean Vinyl Linoleum Floor

To deep clean the Vinyl Linoleum floors, you must first check to see if the floor has any debris on it or any kind of stain that may seem too difficult to clean.

Then after you are done, set aside a cup, and pour a cupful of white vinegar, add a tablespoon of liquid wash in a large bucket altogether.

Then use a mop together with a nylon scrub and begin to clean using the mixture to scrub the floor.

Once you are done, empty the bucket and then fill it again with a generous amount of warm water.

Squeeze out the water from the mop, and use it to rinse the floor. Squeeze out the mop again and mop the floor so that you can clean any excess water on the floor.

Then when you are done with the mop, you can use a soft cloth to remove any scuff marks on the floor.

how to deep clean kitchen floor

How To Deep Clean Hardwood Kitchen Floor

If you must deep clean your hardwood kitchen floor, you must first all, check to see if there are gunky stains and debris on the floors.

If there is debris, sweep them and if there is none, choose a specific cleaning product that is specifically designed for floors and dilute it by following the steps stated on the product.

Secondly, wet a rag mop or a sponge with the cleaning product, then squeeze out moisture from it so that it is now dry.

Then mop the floor with the damp rag mop and be careful not to leave any puddle of the solution on the floor.

Now rinse the floor of any cleaning product as soon as you are done mopping. Finally, wipe off any excess moisture so as not to damage the floor because the hardwood floor can be sensitive to water.

how to deep clean tiled kitchen floor

How To Deep Clean Tiled Kitchen Floors

The tiled floor is one of the easiest kinds of floor to clean when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It is something that you can handle on your own with no extra help.

But what happens to your tiles when you have left them for a long time without cleaning?

You begin to see all sorts of coloration due to the accumulated dirt that has not been cleaned. You begin to see chemical build-up on these tiles as well and offensive odor is also not left out.

So what can be done? First, check the tiled floor. How bad are the stains? Is it very dirty and coated with debris and sticky stains? You are checking to know so that you can be sure of what to do first.

If there is debris, then you must sweep the floor first by using a soft-bristled sweeper.

When you use a hard sweeper, then you may begin to create space between your tiles which will result in the accumulation of specks of dirt. So sweep with a soft-bristled sweeper gently.

Once you are done, check again to be sure that there is no dirt or particles.

Then spray the floor using white vinegar. This white vinegar should be poured into a spray bottle.

With this spray bottle, you can spray the floor with it. And as you spray the floor, you mop as you go.

However, if the stains persist, especially when grouting appears consistently and never leaves, you may have to use a steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner will remove the grouts and make your kitchen tiles clean and sparkling again.

Nobody wants dirty surroundings. Once your kitchen floor is left untidy and uncleaned, it becomes unhygienic because bacteria of all kinds can creep in and find their way into the food or hang somewhere.

And we know just how much these things are to the body.

Remember that when you are deep cleaning your kitchen, you must avoid heavy footing.

That means you must avoid walking around the wet area, and you must stop anyone that goes towards that region. This is to stop the victim from getting hurt by the wet ground which tends to slide you down if you work across a wet surface.

But when there is less or no footing, then it would be easy for you to clean the floor carefully.

Because losing full concentration can sometimes hinder your purpose for cleaning, finally, be careful about the kind of cleaning product, you use for deep cleaning.

Even though you haven’t cleaned your kitchen in such a long time, it is no excuse for you to use highly concentrated bleach for your floors or cleaning agents that contain strong chemicals.