Best Way To Clean Kitchen Wall Tiles

Cooking in general, causes a lot of mess in the kitchen. From the boiling process to the stewing, baking, and then frying. There will be oil spews, water splashes, and different kinds of stains on the floors and walls.

Let’s talk about how to clean the kitchen wall tiles.

best way to clean kitchen wall tiles

How To Clean Your Kitchen Wall Tiles

1. Clean using Baking Soda

baking soda

This is another great way and effective way of cleaning your kitchen wall tiles. This method is specially designed to clean greasy and oily stained walls.

All you need to do is, sprinkle a certain amount of baking soda on a soft scrubber like a soft scrubbing sponge and wipe the greasy kitchen wall tiles down.

Do this by using the rubbing process. That means, it should be done gently and in a circular motion. You can use a piece of dry cloth to wipe it down after you are done with the rubbing process.

Ensure that the cloth is clean because the cloth will help in removing the tiny residues of the baking soda from the walls.

And when you are done with the wiping stage, wash the cloth.

2. Clean with White Vinegar


if you do not have baking soda or you are not comfortable using one, then you can use white vinegar.

White vinegar has been considered a natural and excellent cleaning solution for your kitchen wall tiles. It has the compelling ability to clean off grease from the tiles, disinfect the walls, and also help them not to produce any odor.

White vinegar has a lot of great benefits, and another one is that, when it is used as a natural cleaning agent, it can also be used as an agent which helps to fight off smoke stains.

This means that when you use them on your kitchen wall tiles, they will effectively clean off smoke and greasy stains.

To clean with it, simply make a solution of water and white vinegar.

When you are done, spray on the kitchen wall tiles, spray a considerable amount, leave briefly for five minutes, then begin to scrub using a soft scrubbing sponge.

And when you are done scrubbing, use a clean and dry kitchen towel to clean off the liquid on the wall.

Now your kitchen wall tiles will appear squeaky clean, and sparkling. Meanwhile, you can keep using the solution for your regular kitchen maintenance for your wall tiles.

3. Clean with Salt


Every kitchen, including your kitchen, has salt somewhere sealed in a ziplock bag or a little container somewhere on your shelf. Salt is also effective. Some see it as a natural cleaning agent too.

All you need to do is to sprinkle the salt over the greasy and oily stain. The salt will absorb these oily and greasy stains.

Then, spray the area with vinegar or, better still, a borax solution.

Leave to sit for 5-10 minutes, then wipe the area with a damp rag. Wipe it down and check to see if the greasy or oil stain is still there.

This can be used as a regular cleaning method for your kitchen wall tiles.

4. Clean with Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

Cleaning with vegetable oil may look absurd to you but it is another very effective way to clean your kitchen wall tiles in a more naturally exciting way.

Anyone who uses their kitchen to cook must have some vegetable oil somewhere that is used for cooking.

You might be wondering how you can easily use vegetable oil to clean the greasy and oily stains off your wall. Well, it is possible because vegetable oil is a great cleaning agent.

This method is often called, using oil to fight oil. So get a paper towel and pour a reasonable amount of vegetable oil on it, then use it to scrub the greasy walls.

As soon as you are done scrubbing, you can now use a dry kitchen towel to clean the kitchen wall tiles thoroughly until there is no trace of oil left.

5. Use Borax to clean

Borax is another great cleaning agent. It removes the greasy and oily stains off your wall tiles within minutes.

All you need to do is, apply lemon juice to your borax paste, mix and then apply the mixture to the kitchen wall tiles.

Allow the paste to stay on the wall for some time, then use a dry cloth or preferably a soft sponge to gently wipe it down.

Until there is no trace of paste left.


Cleaning Method 2

1. Use a scrubbing brush or a tough cloth; The first thing you need to do before you begin to clean your kitchen wall tiles is that you need to understudy the kind of wall tiles you have.

Is it a smooth one or a rough tile? Is it ceramic, plain, or porcelain wall tiles? Because porcelain wall tiles usually need tougher kitchen cloth to clean them or even a tough scrubbing brush.

Anything that won’t cause scratches or marks on the surface of the wall tiles. So if your tiles are of the printed kind, then use a microfiber or soft cloth instead of a scouring cloth.

2. Use warm soapy water; That is, if your tiles are not very dirty or if they don’t have any tough stains.

Then some warm soapy water will do the trick perfectly. All you need to do is simply remove any debris or greasy stains with ease.

For instance, if your kitchen wall tiles have some kind of tougher stains on them, then you may need to consider using a quality tile cleaner that will ensure that the grease is perfectly removed.



In conclusion, don’t forget to remove all the soapy water with a piece of a clean, damp cloth. Wipe over the tiles and finally let them dry using a clean cloth for some glossy finish.