Are Pyrex Lids Microwave Safe? (Explained)

Pyrex is one of the well-known brands which is famous for manufacturing kitchenware suitable for cooking, baking, and reheating your food in the microwave.

Apart from this, the Pyrex kitchenware is also dishwasher safe and can also be hand-washed with a mild detergent or liquid soap.


Are Pyrex Lids Microwave Safe

The Pyrex brand has tried its best to produce heat-resistant kitchenware that is also great for storing and is hygienic as well.

But there are a lot of questions that arise regarding these Pyrex containers.

Since the Pyrex containers are made up of thick and hard glass, it is considered microwave-safe, but it’s the lids of that container that is most questioned.

It is always asked- are Pyrex lids microwave safe? So let’s dig deeper to get to know more about the Pyrex lids.

Types of Pyrex Lids

The best thing about Pyrex is that their containers come with their perfect fit lids. Those lids are very helpful in storing anything without getting spilled.

It is also helpful in carrying anywhere you want it to carry as those lids are airtight.

While you put your food in the microwave, these lids save your food from splattering inside the microwave and save you cleaning time.

Two types of lids come with the containers, and they are mentioned below: –

  • Glass Lids
  • Plastic lids


Can Pyrex Lids go in the Microwave?

Pyrex being a popular brand, has tried to make your life easier and always uses the best materials in their production of kitchenware.

This is the reason they have been in this business for a long time now.

Their glass containers made of quality material are microwave safe so are the Pyrex lids.

So the answer to most questions is yes, the Pyrex lids can go in the microwave, but there are a few things that you need to know before you use the lids in the microwave along with your glass container.

Pyrex glass lids are made up of borosilicate glass same as the container, and it is considered oven safe.

You can use the lid with the container in the microwave, preheated oven, or conventional oven for cooking your food. It is great for holding back steam, slow cooking, and retaining moisture in your food.

Pyrex plastic lids are BPA-free, and they are mostly safe only for microwave ovens, unlike glass lids. They come in different beautiful colors and are great for storage and carrying purposes.


Some Precautions That Need To Be Taken

There are some precautions to be taken for the long-lasting life of your Pyrex lids. You should follow them to avoid the loss of your favorite kitchenware.

The glass lids can crack or break when it is put into the microwave from the freezer.

Glass lids are not resistant to direct changes in temperature as the glass used in the Pyrex lids is borosilicate glass which is thicker and harder compared to other brands of glass kitchenware.

The direct change in the temperature from the freezer to the fridge causes a thermodynamic reaction which is a pressure produced in the material due to temperature change.

When the lid is heated in the microwave, its different parts react differently at the high temperature and expand differently. This stress cannot be handled by it, and it may crack or break.


It is recommended to let the frozen Pyrex come to room temperature and then put it in the microwave to avoid breakage.

Similarly, there are some disadvantages to plastic lids as well. Though it is mentioned on the lids that they are microwaves save it is always better to be careful about their usage.

When you use your Pyrex plastic lids with the container, try not to airtight it completely, and also do not fix it with latches if it has one.

The plastic lid may stick to the container. You may have to open it with the help of a butter knife or the end of a spoon to open it.

Sometimes if it does not open, you may even have to puncture the lid to release the pressure inside it to open it, which will damage the lid.

It is recommended not to close the lid completely. You can just put it on the container to avoid splashing food but do not airtight it.


Some Other Common Pyrex Questions

Can Vintage Pyrex Lids go in the Oven?

The vintage Pyrex can go in the oven if they are made up of glass or ceramic.

They are completely safe to use in the oven as they were designed for that.

You just have to make sure that the oven is preheated.

Do not use a broken, chipped, or cracked lid as it may cause them to break more, and the chipped parts may fall on your food which will not be safe to eat.

Are Pyrex Lids Heat Resistant?

Pyrex lids are resistant to heat and can go into the microwave oven for heating food.

However, it is not encouraged to snap close the lid, and always make sure that one corner is lifted for the steam to escape.

This will prevent them from getting damaged.

Pyrex lids are also great with low temperatures. They can be used to store the leftover food by putting the lid on the container and putting it into the refrigerator or freezer.

What Temperature is Considered Safe for Pyrex?

The Pyrex is suitable for any temperature as long as it is placed in preheated microwave ovens or conventional ovens.

The highest temperature which is considered best is 450 degrees Fahrenheit; beyond that, there is a possibility of the glassware cracking or getting shattered.

The Pyrex glassware also can resist extreme cold temperatures as low as -313 degrees Fahrenheit; below that temperature, it has a chance to crack or break down into pieces inside the freezer.

However, the plastic lids which come with the glass container can resist a bit higher temperature than the glassware.

Are All Pyrex Dishes Microwave Safe?

Pyrex has left no stone unturned to produce the best possible products for their user.

It claims that all its kitchenware is microwave safe as they use the material which is best fit for both high and low temperatures.

The borosilicate glass is thermal resistant that is used in it.

To be honest, it is best considered to use glass and ceramic containers and lids, as they are safer at a very high temperature.

Apart from the glassware, the plastic lids though they are microwave safe as Pyrex claims it is better not to put for a long period in the microwave as there is a chance that the plastic may get warped or melted and get mixed in your food which will be dangerous to consume.

Pyrex has expanded its production and started making kitchenware made of soda-lime glass and other materials which are also microwave-safe as the borosilicate glass but they should not be treated like them.

The soda-lime glass is thinner and cheaper, and it should be treated like any other brand of glassware.

It should be avoided putting it on the stovetop or pouring any extreme hot or cold liquids which will break them into pieces.

How can Cold Pyrex be Microwaved?

There are some preventive measures that you need to take when you put the frozen or refrigerated Pyrex in the microwave.

You need to put the chilled Pyrex out of the fridge and put it on the kitchen countertop, and let it come to room temperature.

If you want to speed up the process of normalizing the temperature, place the container in a larger bowl and fill it with lukewarm water so that the temperature goes up.

You can also put the water-filled bowl on the stovetop at low temperatures until the Pyrex normalizes. When it reaches room temperature, it is safe to put it in the microwave.

Keep in mind that you want to increase the temperature of the Pyrex container and not the food inside it.

The cold Pyrex has the danger of breaking into sudden temperature fluctuations.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say that Pyrex is great for microwaving your food. You will not regret owning Pyrex kitchenware as it is hygienic as well.

Pyrex manufactures different types and different shaped kitchenware such as mixing bowls, mugs, cups, casseroles, baking trays, etc., with perfect fitting lids as well.

All those different shapes and sizes give the flexibility to use in different types of cooking which are needed in various dishes.

The lids are also safe for microwaving and for storage purposes.

These Pyrex containers save a lot of space in your kitchen as well as they can fit in any small-spaced corner of your kitchen cabinet.

The lids help stack them one above the other.

If you want to keep it with you for a longer period, you have to follow the guidelines carefully to handle them.

They are also dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended for safety reasons. Overall, we can say that Pyrex is a great option to add to your kitchen.